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Well well well, I'm feeling pretty fancy and I'm sure most of you are too. If you've been hodl'ing your Hive that is, buuuuut if you're here you're probably hodl'ing some sort of crypto and most things are up so you're probably doing alright.

$2.00 Hive

Don't know why, don't care. Love to see it. Still not selling, but it makes me feel good. Last time I thought I'd be smart and time the market, I sold 14k Hive @ .40 and bought Cardono @ $2.20, who was the hot chick that month. With the Hive price as it is, that makes for a brand new shiny all time worst trade for me. Good times. For a long time, my worst trade was selling most of my LEO for ETH a while back, but time turned that one on its head.

Let's look back in time at some of my posts talking about prices. We start when Hive was in its embryonic stage, also known as Steem.

I'm going to grab an excerpt because I know you're too lazy to click that link. Don't worry I'm like you too.


"Since I've been using Steem there has been a legend. Most of us have heard about it, through whispers in the dark or in the tales of some old OG Steemians. Yes, I'm talking about the legendary

$.07 cent Steem.

There was a long period of time where Steem hovered in the $3 range, spiking up to $4.50 and back down into the 3's. In those days, the idea of $.07 cent Steem was like a far away dream, a chance none of us would ever get again. Oh if only we'd been here for that sweet $.07 cent Steem...

Well, here we are. Not at .07 but pretty damn close. The price has almost never been worse, but the chain has never been better. What happened this year? To name a few things, Steem Engine, SCOT tokens and tribes, HF 21(22) which basically killed bidbots and and a ton of abuse. SMT's are in testnet and Communities are in beta testing, Splinterlands had a hugely successful kickstarter, Steempeak continued to develop and maintain it's title as the best Steem frontend, 3Speak, Appics integrated their APX token which was a huge step forward for them, Steemleo is creating the blueprint for how to run a successful tribe, etc, etc."

Feels like looking in an old photo album, remembering what was happening around that time. Very cool to see where some of these projects are now, killing it.

Then there was also this post

"Are you going to be that person that says "Oh how I wish I would have bought that 10 cent Hive!"? Don't be that person.

It doesn't feel good to look at a dumped on price. It doesn't feel good to see the value of your Hive decreasing either, but these low points are also an opportunity to make Hive healthier and more decentralized. It's hard to convey the importance of everyone buying a bit without sounding like a shill, but the more people start to rise in the ranks, the better off this whole ecosystem works.

If you're an artist, don't just post your art, support the other artists. If you're a writer looking for people to appreciate your work through votes, return the favor by voting on their work with a vote that moves the needle. When thousands and thousands of people have a .01 - .10 cent upvote, you won't have to hope that a whale or curation group notices you. The crowd will have power."

Patience shall be rewarded. Thinking long term shall be rewarded and this is definitely not the end. While I don't want to tell anyone what to do with their money I will share a bit of wisdom from an old Steemian we lost in the war @exyle. I used to enjoy his content and he was one of those people that would always make me feel bullish when I was feeling bearish. Anyway, this one post really change my thinking about Hive(Steem at the time). He made an analogy saying your Hive power is like your Goose that lays golden eggs. You don't sell the Goose. If you want to, if you need to, you can sell some of the eggs, but if you keep feeding the goose, the eggs get bigger and bigger over time. The longer you wait to start selling the eggs, the more you'll have, or if you start selling eggs, maybe don't sell ALL the eggs. Or else your goose will be laying tiny eggs. Now this analogy gets a bit weird because you're sort of feeding the goose it's own eggs which is weird, but you get the message.

Since I heard that, that became my play here. Keep growing the goose. I don't know how big it will get, but on an ATH day like today, it's fun to dream where things could go.

Alright, I've blabbered enough. Happy Holidays everyone, may your pumps be massive, and your dumps tiny.


We are all super psyched with the price pump. Hopefully it can hold for a while and set a new base. We know how much is going on with the chain so it's great to get some publicity for it now.

This is the chance to expand while eyes are on us.

For sure. Anyone who's been here for a while knows we have our crazy pumps from time to time, but it's always followed by a spectacular dump, but it's usually faster, and usually not quite this big. Here's hoping we get to keep some this time.

This isn't like any of the ones that we have seen since $7 steem.
Every other one just had one good run up and a huge drop. This one kept catching new buy pressure every time it stalled.
It will be interesting to see how it holds up when all the powerdowns hit the market.

ah I used to enjoy exyles talks as well! I sat on a table with him at a dinner in lisbon, steemfest 2. was sorry to see him go darkside in the whole debacle... if that is what happened. I never quite understood it, but it seemed like the milk went very sour. or should I say the goose eggs....?

As far as I remember, he didn't really side with Steem, but he was against breaking I guess you could say the sanctity of the chain ie locking funds. I think once it was decided that that was going to be the path chosen, he was done.

yeh fair enough. I guess it mustve been a pretty tough choice for anyone with a lot of stake... I admired his desire to make peace but perhaps he just wasnt seeing the amazing potential of the breakaway

today morning I see $3.00 Hive.
You inspire me so much, I love the way you post, great style!
God bless you my dear @midlet.


most welcome my dear friend @midlet

I don't know about fancy but my brain kind of somewhat froze when I saw my account value this morning (and then almost crashed completely when I was showing JJ and it had decided to jump again, he has since asked me if he can retire yet which is kind of my dream XD).

Things are calming back down, now we get to see if we're going to keep any of this.

J reckons it shouldn't fall too far so hopefully? XD