Day 1291: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: gnarled trees

in #freewrite3 months ago

Gnarled trees got the gnarliness right out of me, flip inside a seed that was about to be a plant
planted my feet cause the earth was shaking, taking a deep breath to deal with the shaking
Transplanted into a new world of discovery, don't mean the freewrite's to be the same
but my mind these days just keeps thinking the same thing, the gardening, the planting
the gnarly trees I best be burning, turning and earning at minimum wage
so I can support my habit of eating, toking, and remaining the same
gnarled trees, knotty and misbehaving my better my upbringing on road hockey
slap shot, rick a shay tooshay faux pas
remind me of the significance of appreciation, significance of nature
suck backed, ripped backed and taking in like oxygen
as if I needed a fresh breath
a fresh splash
a splash of cold water
a wake-up
a callback
on the walkie talkee
10-4 over and out I read your major
and I call another
another breath
another gnarled tree of appreciation
seen the assets of time and tribulation


Bam, Mixed media on wood.


Love the associations triggered by freewriting. It's good to see you.

Super good for the rapping I find ;)

cool rap
read in my mind with eminem's voice

When my album comes out you going to like my voice just as much if not better. Have a great day!