Day 1143: 5 Minute Freewrite: Monday - Prompt: novel writer

in #freewrite4 years ago

I have often thought about writing a novel. A successful novel can provide financial freedom for generations afterwards. The family of Tarzan Author (look it up) has and will live off the Tarzan royalties since the (check date of publication).

As an engineer I felt I could design and outline the plot and general flow of the book fairly well. But reading good writing you see how the author adds so much flavor to each sentence. And that is where my problem would be. Where a good writer might spend a page describing the intricacies of the lace on a woman's handkerchief, I would only say she blew her nose.

I sense my time is up, so I will leave it here. If you think I should follow my dream and write a novel leave a comment. If you think like me that would be crazy leave that note too.

Happy Monday!


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