Thursday-5 Minute Freewrite (listen to your heart)

in #freewritelast year


I know your nervous but just hang on tight.
Once things settle, the cash flow, will be a delight.
Keep your head up, and take a slow breath.
Don't let fear control you. Leave it to rest.
Listen to your heart in what it says.
Those skittish thoughts are just silly voices playing with your head.
Bills will be paid and money set aside.
Think of a new vacation, and the potential for a beautiful scenic ride.
Things will work out as you will see.
You've gotten through worse. That you did indeed.
I know you can do it, self. I believe in you.
Together we will conquer this new journey.
Just me and you.


I think it's important to listen to our own fears, and then try to manage them rationally. We know we have a good track record, having made it this far. We make our plans and move forward. Wishing you well with yours!

That is wonderful self-talk dot-dot-dot we often have to remind ourselves of where we've been in order to take the next steps. Sending a prayer for a financial windfall for you! Have a wonderful day.

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