Wed 5 Min Freewrite (they are coming) 2/16/22 (by pixiehunter)

in #freewrite2 years ago

Seems forever since I have joined the daily prompts. It's easier than you think, and there's never a test. You go for the days prompt and click that timer. Don't know what to say? Just hit the keys and let the fingers do the rest. Type away as fast as you can. Even fridays, you can find another prompt for stories. Not set with a timer but still watch count. Did you check out @Zapfic weekend yet? You better cause this weekend they are coming, @pixiehunter and @jeanlucsr. Maybe they will even pull a fast one and get to jump in. If you get a good laugh out of the story, then its a win win. Life is short, so laugh often as possible. You do know its a known stress reliever right? It's a fact, that freewriting can ease some distress.

Now this made me giggle after I was done, even with yet again having a bunch of typos. Thank you for stopping by and reading.


I'm glad to hear that being here is allowing you to giggle your way to stress relief! :)