Freewrite: Lame

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!Hello friends!
This is my entry to respond to FreeWrite's motivating challenge of the daily challenge of @mariannewest.


You came and looked at me, from your eyes I knew you wanted from me, you approached and kissed me, you touched me with passion and lick my whole being, we surrendered to the fire of life, to the lust of love, it was a crazy night, better than those lived in youth.

Challenge information here:
visit:Information indication
Program your stopwatch for 5 minutes
Start writing
Use the hashtag #freewrite and #freewritepoetry if it turns out to be poetry
Publish your piece (report in the link to this publication if you wish).

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I'm not going to bother with digging in on why those two bots (@steemcleaner and @mack-bot) voted down, going with the benefit of the doubt today.

The idea of freewriting or simply put into thos 5 minute challenge is a great way to start writing for beginners, in my opinion. I try to do so in my personal journal by dedicating at least 5 hours per week. Sometimes I meet the deadline, sometimes I don't and sometimes I don't write for a long time. But even so, the more I do write, be it on paper or in the battlefield (comment section), I feel "healthier" for doing so.

It has helped me with keeping my insanity sane.

Thank you for reading me, and not paying attention to bots, I really don't know what to do to stop it ... Writing a little every day helps, it is a way to free the mind and when you have little time is perfect.

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. haven't you tried speaking to the director of these bots to solve the unnecessary bullying?

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