The Moments Before the Kids Come Downstairs (Freewrite)

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This is a response to @mariannewest's freewrite prompt, childcare.

A kitchen. Alice, a middle-aged woman, and Jeff, a middle-aged man, are standing at the foot of a staircase. Jeff is holding a suitcase.

Jeff: Kids! Get down here.

Alice: They'll be down soon.

Jeff: What's taking them so long?

Alice: Well, Sarah wants to pack her teddies, and –

Jeff: And what the hell does she need them for? We'll only be gone a week.

Alice: A week is a long time for Sarah to be without her comforts.

Jeff: For God's sake, Alice, you spoil those kids. Is it any wonder Brian is so soft?

Alice: Keep your voice down, Jeff! He'll hear you.

Jeff: It'll do him no harm.

Alice: And you know well I've done my best with the kids, after everything. After you said –

Jeff: We don't have time for another one of these arguments, Alice. How many times have we had them already? (Calling to the children again) Come on, then! Hurry up.

Alice: Will you stop hassling them? You have plenty of time.

Jeff: I want them in the car and on the road in five minutes. We don't have long.

Alice: Can they at least stop for a rest? You know how Brian gets, when he needs to pee and there's no bathroom in sight –

Jeff: Tantrums, tears, hysterics. I know.

Alice: So you will let them stop for a break, won't you? Surely your mother won't mind if you're a little late.

Jeff: I will, I will.


Great dialogue!

Thank you! 😊 It was just a quick little thing, but I think there's a deeper story that could be explored here.

He always get this way when they are on their way to visit his mother? Can't imagine what the visit must be like...

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