Day 1298: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: wooden bowl

in #freewriters3 months ago

Wooden bowl like the wooden ship that got me to shore. Dodged a doge sell before I held gold long term. Wooden and rattled mise well put some more food in my bow I prefer porridge. Georgie porgie with the hot stock type. Elon Musk inferring in everyone's business, a kick start to the dying SNL. What's life for discovery, what's life for the awakening all I got is this wooden bowl without any food. Guilty verdict how to my tuna casserole taste Karen. Wooden and widdled right down to the stick as I stick with my guns, get some writing of my chest before I mop and clean the toilet. Wishing I was outside with the wood, the wooden, the fungi, having fun guy! Close me a sale, shiver me a deal, troll me a landscape, to create the foreground sitting comfy with the right tokens, right coin. Head west they said cause west is best plus it's where all the wood is. Red Cedar, Shiver me a splinter, Shake it, Sugar me, Just don't tell them cryptos is for everybody.

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