ZapFic Story, Week #125: Network

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This is my entry for the ZapFic contest #125, on Hive:

The prompt is 'Network'

We had thrown our nets overboard hours before but had caught nothing. I could see silvery bodies flitting to and fro inches under water. And yet.... no fish appeared in my net. Finally, I exclaimed in frustration, "This net doesn't work!"

That's my entry, but my mind kept working, so I decided to have some fun with this:
Network again: (I've been watching a Netflix show about Serbia in the 1930's--I think the language is rubbing off on me :))

Story #2 (not an entry)

“What are you talking about, you clod? Was there ever such a son? The net works. It is my son who cannot cast a net properly. That infernal singing drives the fish from our net.”

The father boxed his son's ears and the boy fell silent.

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