Time to Power Up!


Took out my HBD Savings and powering up my account. I believe the bear market is over and the bull market has already started.

Will be using it to upvote content for a while until the mid of next year.

Also, I believe we will see a massive rally in crypto prices next year. As per numerology, 2024 (2+0+2+4 added up to 8) is the year of money.

Which means there's a high possibility of money flowing into the crypto markets and making a lot of people rich.

Hive is one of the oldest and consistent projects around and it could well see some money flowing into it with HBD attracting a lot of new investors with a huge 20% apr.

So gotta have some liquid hive ready as well.

What are your thoughts?


Good to see you bro...it's been a long time. If you planning to stay active, I suggest you to make posts atleat of 200 words....I will make sure to support from IU community, else the bot won't support.

Good to see you too!
How have you been?
Sure will make them 200+ words :)

It's all good here....always feel better to see some known faces around...🙂 always miss all of them....where is firepower now ..and varun , shenoy ?

Nice to know. They're all into some other projects now. Shenoy has moved abroad.

Ohhh nice to know...hope to see u around more often.👍 with more bike and biker travel story 😉