Is it so normal for friendships to disappear?

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As you rummage through your old album storage room, you find boxes full of your group of friends littering the floor. When you start collecting them, you have the next frame of the past in front of you. And then you see the multicolored slambooks piled up. When you start browsing through these entries, you'll find that many people write your name as a live-streaming friend. Ironically, we don't even know where individual people are, or where most people are. Pull your bag out of your closet and it'll reveal a stack of greeting cards about eternal friendship and best friends. With the title "BEST FRIENDS FOREVER", a huge school photo book containing a large number of photos is eye-catching. Also! Reality hits you The people who gave you colorful greeting cards or filled the pages of your albums aren't normal friends, at least not now. Scrolling through social media posts about the promised friendships we've posted over the past few years and the hundreds of Facebook friends out there to show the numbers seems so silly now.


Is it normal for friendships to disappear? How can you keep yourself happy in your friendship and not feel like you're the only one carrying the burden of maintaining the relationship? What are the signs that a friendship is waning? How can you stay happy when things go wrong?

Breaking up with someone can feel like they've shot a bullet through your heart. But you have to learn from your experience and move on. Friendships can grow in parallel, grow closer and drift apart. When every obvious question pops up like never before and you're wondering how to handle negative situations like a pro... gear up! continue! You have a compelling image of all aspects of friendship and you have a blissful land!

You are destined to meet someone at a certain time. We befriend someone based solely on mutual interest, admiration, and love. This relationship is not designed for material gain like a business partnership. Like family ties, they are not bound by blood ties. It is not driven by sexual attraction like a romantic relationship.


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