Full API Node Update - 7/8/2022

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Full API node update - (7/8/2022)

2022-08-06T21:00:11 - 2022-08-07T20:00:57 (UTC)
@fullnodeupdate provides daily updates about the state of all available full API node server for HIVE.
More information about full nodes and a complete RPC node list can be fund in this post.

List of failing nodes

This table includes a list of all nodes which were not able to answer to a get_config api call within 30 seconds.

nodehours with failurepercentage
https://api.hive.blog1/244.2 %
https://api.openhive.network1/244.2 %
https://hived.privex.io4/2416.7 %
https://api.hivekings.com24/24100.0 %
https://fin.hive.3speak.co24/24100.0 %
https://rpc.ecency.com24/24100.0 %

List of working nodes (At least once in the last 24h)

This table includes all nodes which were able to a get_config call in 30 seconds.The achieved mean duration values are shown. The returned version is also shown.When a node failes, its mean value is increased as it is counted as 30 seconds

nodemean time [s]version

Streaming blocks

In this test, it is measured how many blocks a node can stream in 30 seconds.

List of working nodes - block streaming

This table includes all nodes which were able to stream at least one block within 30 seconds.The achieved minimum, maximum and mean blocks per seconds values are shown. When a node failes, its mean value is reduced as it is counted as 0 blocks per seconds

nodeblock/smean block/s
https://hived.emre.sh27.6 - 35.231.2
https://api.deathwing.me16.1 - 29.624.4
https://hive-api.arcange.eu6.5 - 13.211.4
https://rpc.ausbit.dev5.4 - 11.39.2
https://api.pharesim.me7.1 - 7.77.4
https://api.hive.blog1.1 - 8.96.9
https://anyx.io4.8 - 7.16.0
https://api.openhive.network1.0 - 4.84.4
https://techcoderx.com3.5 - 4.54.1
https://hive.roelandp.nl1.3 - 1.71.6
https://api.c0ff33a.uk0.6 - 1.51.2
https://hived.privex.io0.1 - 0.20.0

Measuring irreversible block delays

In this test, the time delay of the irreversible block to the current time is measured.

List of working nodes - block delays

This table includes all nodes which were able to stream at least one block within 30 seconds.The achieved minimum, maximum and mean irreversible block delay times in seconds are shown. When a node failes, its mean value is reduced as it is counted as 120 seconds.

nodeblock delaymean delay
https://api.pharesim.me47.35 - 74.3759.223
https://hived.emre.sh47.05 - 74.2259.530
https://techcoderx.com47.89 - 72.4760.227
https://hive-api.arcange.eu47.76 - 76.0060.800
https://api.deathwing.me47.56 - 83.7661.446
https://api.hive.blog48.62 - 75.6363.857
https://rpc.ausbit.dev50.10 - 75.2864.243
https://api.openhive.network49.13 - 81.5164.501
https://hive.roelandp.nl54.47 - 78.2174.950
https://api.c0ff33a.uk57.33 - 79.5880.216
https://anyx.io51.68 - 77.3189.891
https://hived.privex.io64.92 - 68.53114.672

Account history

In this test, it is measured how many account operation a node can stream.

List of working nodes - account history

This table includes all nodes which were able to stream at least one account history operation within 15 seconds.The achieved minimum, maximum and mean account transaction per seconds values are shown. When a node failes, its mean value is reduced as it is counted as 0 history operation per seconds

nodehist/smean hist/s
https://hived.emre.sh1836.4 - 2210.51994.2
https://api.deathwing.me1240.1 - 1731.11470.2
https://hive-api.arcange.eu265.0 - 1173.0951.1
https://rpc.ausbit.dev270.3 - 988.1793.1
https://api.pharesim.me625.5 - 679.2658.6
https://api.hive.blog219.4 - 757.5615.2
https://api.openhive.network36.9 - 638.8555.4
https://anyx.io333.2 - 416.2373.3
https://hive.roelandp.nl121.5 - 166.6142.0
https://techcoderx.com84.1 - 152.3136.7
https://api.c0ff33a.uk79.3 - 140.8106.8
https://hived.privex.io0.1 - 24.58.2

Receiving a vote, a comment, and an account

In this test, the mean duration to receive an account, a comment, and a vote is measured.

List of working nodes - api calls

This table includes all nodes which were able to answer all three api calls within 30 seconds.The achieved minimum, maximum and mean time durations are shown. When a node failes, its mean value is increased as it is counted as 30 seconds

nodetime [s]mean time [s]
https://hive-api.arcange.eu0.12 - 0.350.151
https://rpc.ausbit.dev0.13 - 0.340.183
https://api.pharesim.me0.24 - 0.250.246
https://api.hive.blog0.23 - 0.940.302
https://anyx.io0.46 - 0.550.506
https://api.c0ff33a.uk0.54 - 1.420.907
https://hive.roelandp.nl0.77 - 1.491.066
https://api.openhive.network0.07 - 0.451.398
https://techcoderx.com0.44 - 0.811.721

Summary of working nodes for HIVE

A node is working, when it could fullfil at least once in the last 24h the following conditions:

  • returned data within 30 seconds,
  • blocks could be streamed,
  • account history was possible,
  • votes, a comment, an account could successfully be fetched and were not empty.

The nodes in the following table are ranked by the mean rank of all three node tables shown above.
This table includes only nodes which were passing all three tests sucessfully.

The shown ranks are: block rank - block_diff rank - history rank - apicall rank

https://hived.emre.sh1 - 2 - 9 - 283.3
https://api.deathwing.me2 - 5 - 7 - 180.0
https://rpc.ausbit.dev4 - 7 - 4 - 570.0
https://hive-api.arcange.eu3 - 4 - 8 - 470.0
https://api.hive.blog6 - 6 - 1 - 761.7
https://api.pharesim.me5 - 1 - 12 - 658.3
https://anyx.io7 - 11 - 2 - 850.0
https://api.openhive.network8 - 8 - 3 - 1150.0
https://techcoderx.com9 - 3 - 10 - 1236.7
https://hive.roelandp.nl10 - 9 - 5 - 1033.3
https://api.c0ff33a.uk11 - 10 - 6 - 931.7
https://hived.privex.io12 - 12 - 11 - 325.0

Set fully working nodes with beempy / steempy

https://api.steemitstage.com, https://api.steemitdev.com and nodes with not working results were excluded.


beempy set nodes "['https://hived.emre.sh', 'https://api.deathwing.me', 'https://rpc.ausbit.dev', 'https://hive-api.arcange.eu', 'https://api.hive.blog', 'https://api.pharesim.me', 'https://anyx.io', 'https://api.openhive.network', 'https://techcoderx.com', 'https://hive.roelandp.nl', 'https://api.c0ff33a.uk', 'https://hived.privex.io']"


steempy set nodes https://hived.emre.sh,https://api.deathwing.me,https://rpc.ausbit.dev,https://hive-api.arcange.eu,https://api.hive.blog,https://api.pharesim.me,https://anyx.io,https://api.openhive.network,https://techcoderx.com,https://hive.roelandp.nl,https://api.c0ff33a.uk,https://hived.privex.io

Receive fully working nodes from json_metadata of the @fullnodeupdate account

The nodes are also stored in the json_metadata variable of the @fullnodeupdate account.
The nodes inside the account metadata are updated every hour.
The json_metadata includes the following data:

  • nodes - list of nodes that passed all tests.
  • failing_nodes - list of nodes that did not answer the get_config call.
  • report - test results.
  • parameter - used beem and test parameter.

Example code for python:

from beem.account import Account
import json
acc = Account("fullnodeupdate")
nodes = json.loads(acc["json_metadata"])["nodes"]

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This post was created with beem, my python library for steem.


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