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Benefits of HiveTips

In order to list the benefits and potential benefits, we're going to first address the current ways one can use their HIVE. Currently, on the open market, there are 370 million +/- HIVE coins for which people have a very limited use for. Those would include primarily:

  • Trading on crypto exchanges.
  • Staking on Hive to increase your holdings in various ways.
  • Participating in games and other activities within the ecosystem.
  • Purchasing merchandise via communities like #weedcash and #hivehustlers.

There are other use cases for HIVE, but all are limited to a specific site within one niche. HIVE is still far from having a diverse range of uses on the open market, neither online nor in the real life business world. It is clear to everyone, that for any cryptocurrency that wishes to diversify its list of investors, owners and users, that there must be legitimate reasons for them to make such a decision.

Some influencing factors for a person to choose HIVE over other cryptocurrencies are:

  • Fast and Feeless (or 'Fast and FREE') transactions.
  • Decentralized and resistant to manipulation by a founding company.
  • Use cases. (Where all they can use their HIVE).

Hive already has the money saving side of things covered, and much better than most of our competing blockchains out there. Transactions are not only fast - a mere three seconds - which is real time. But also, feeless. You would be hard-pressed to find another blockchain that offers this. Together, we are 'Fast and Free'!

It is the use case scenarios where HiveTips is required all over the internet. No, not just in niche spaces, but all over the internet. Where there are people in the services markets, there is a potential need for rewarding those people via tips. Which brings us to the benefits HiveTips has to offer to Hive in the segment of outreach.

Outreach Opportunity

This opportunity is a staggering number. We have the potential to reach over 30% of people on the internet - with just the current platforms - that HiveTips covers. With every new platform or website added, that number grows. The larger the number of people who see HIVE being predominantly utilized on various sites, the larger the potential that they shall one day too choose to see what Hive is all about. That is an opportunity that anyone reading this now, is glad they capitalized on. Here are some of the statistics of just how many people use some of these sites and platforms:

This is why marketing this use case is extremely important. The crypto scene is very competitive and without investing into it, we will get overshadowed by those with deeper pockets even though we have an innovative blockchain and exceptional community. Reaching out to people, having them become familiar with the services out there in the particular niches that they are interested in, is a process that takes a lot of work and investment. Marketing and advertising campaigns are an extremely important part of that process. With this, comes the following benefits that the proposal covers:

  • Diversification of ownership for our native cryptocurrency - HIVE (more investors!)
  • Active use of Hive and monetization of various platforms all over the internet, used by millions of people all over the world.
  • Potential enhancement of onboarding efforts by spreading investment with HIVE all over the internet.
    mobile apps.

One of the great things about HiveTips is the way it is set up to work giving the following added benefits to people who receive HIVE via HiveTips:

  • People who do not own any HIVE will have a thirty day window to claim their HIVE by opening an account on Hive.
  • Upon creating their new account, they instantly become a part of Hive with their own HIVE.
  • Adding that thirty day grace period to collect, means a lot in ensuring that people have a reasonable time frame in which to open up a Hive account and collect their tips.

Benefits of HiveTips:

HiveTips aims to be a major factor in the expansion and adoption of Hive across the web as all of the above listed will increase exponentially. The current number of people on the internet is over 4.5 billion and that number will only grow and HiveTips is a great vehicle to reach this audience. HiveTips is solely dedicated to giving a well known and utilized use case 'Fast and FREE' in which the 370 million HIVE out there can be put to good use. Unlike many other ventures that came before, HiveTips doesn’t rely on upvoting or otherwise extracting rewards from the rewards layer. Instead, HiveTips champions investment. HiveTips users freely give their HIVE to others while tipping. It is investors creating investors.

By providing use cases, we will build a demand for HIVE. Tipping is not new, but tipping without any middleman taking a cut off the top is definitely not something that anyone is used to online. Thanks to Hive, that is now available via HiveTips. This alone is one of the best advertisements for Hive and what Hive has to offer the world. Tipping has become so important as a means of income, that online tipping statistics are now being accumulated and recognized. We can safely state, that as the number of use cases increase for HIVE, the demand will rise with it.

Thank you for reading this far. If you like the listed benefits and opportunities that HiveTips brings to Hive, then please consider taking the the time to support our proposal. We encourage you to read on and see the new, exciting addition to HiveTips!

- Hivesigner - and thank you.

INTRODUCING - The latest addition to HiveTips:

pasted image 0.png

What is Hive Patron?

Hive Patron is a blockchain based service, contained within HiveTips, that makes it easy and safe for creators to get rewarded another way for their hard work. If you do not have HiveTips on your browser, please visit our website and download the one that suits you. Hive Patron was inspired by other similar services, found on and offline, that are based only in the fiat atmosphere and heavily centralized.

Is it free to use or are there any fees?
  • Yes. It is totally free of charge. We do not take any fee from your usage. Every penny that goes through your patronage ends up in the beneficiary.
Can it be used for donations?
  • Yes. HivePatron is a great new way to honor any charitable bone you may have in your body. Share and share alike!
Can it be used for supporting others?
  • Yes. We encourage you to support others in any way you can and help to hone the budding ecosystem we have here at Hive.

How does it work?

For creators, Hive Patron is a way to get rewarded for creating the things you’re already creating (webcomics, videos, songs, blogs etc). Fans can send a few bucks worth of HIVE (cryptocurrency) to you each month, and then you get those funds in your wallet/account automatically every month. Consider it a stipend for being awesome.

For patrons, Hive Patron is a way to join your favorite creator's community and reward them for making the things you love and enjoy! All payments are automated to monthly transfers, directly from your Hive account, to the creator's Hive account. You are literally creating your own coded contract, which is totally independent of any third party. Yes, that is right. You create the contract and the rest is all inscribed on the ledger of the blockchain.

How can I undo a Patron contract?
  • Active contracts will always display a trashcan icon on the right side of each row in the 'my Patron Contracts' list.
Is there a way I can see actual blockchain references to the Patron contract?
  • Yes you can. By clicking on the Ref button in the 'my Patron Contracts' list, a redirection to the blockchain explorer will take place. There, you will have the chance to take a look at a secondary source of information regarding the nature of the contract operation.

Tech Questions & Answers

How does it work 'under the hood'?

Special operations called 'custom_json' are signed in the blockchain representing a contract between the Patron (supporter) and the beneficiary. These, once initiated, can be seen on sites like HiveWorld or HiveBlocks once the transaction is written to the blockchain. You will often see these same types of transactions when playing a game that was built on Hive, or using other front-ends to deploy a post. These operations serve as references which additionally provide the following benefits:

  • Public immutable data
  • Non-ephemeral storage

Thanks to the signed references in the blockchain, the wallet can now, without 3rd party support, scan the blockchain autonomously and determine what contracts are due. Additionally, the token transferring takes place in your own wallet without any central server doing it for you.

Is it truly a 100% decentralised solution?
  • Yes, it is. The client (your HiveTips extension) relies uniquely on the blockchain and own resources for the Patron service utilization.
Do I need to install anything?
  • No. Only HiveTips itself and any HiveTips version 0.5.2 and above already brings all the necessary updates for you.

Thank You Hive!!

We hope people enjoy this new groundbreaking advancement we are bringing to you! We are also looking forward to hearing and reading any feedback you share with us. 2020 has been a challenge across the world, but, we are still making it great! We would like to now, ask that if you like where we are going and support our efforts, to please approve our proposal.

- Hivesigner - and thanks again.


Happy to see Patron addition.

Would love to see some data for Twitter HIVE tips. For example how many unique Twitter accounts has claimed Hive Tips until now ?


Definitely a great idea and it will be added to HiveTips.

Discussed it with @lightproject and he gave it the big thumbs up!

TY for the suggestion.

Hive is Alive!

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Hey @fullalt, how do we get Hive Patron built into @threespeak. Cheers

Simple, we sit down and coordinate it.

Call me on Discord, we'll get the ball rolling,

HIVE to the mooooon!

hiya - can you send me a hive tip on my twitter account please?
I've sent one , but not received i know what I'm looking for..
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I just wanna make sure the thing is working...

Ya know, after reading this, I'm wondering, did we just make HIVE an SMT? 😁

Even better than a smart media token, we made it the Smartest of all Media Cryptocurrencies out there!

No need for shitcoins to make Hive go mainstream, it can be done with HIVE!


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