ALIVE and having FUN camping!

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So, if I didn't dream this...I believe the new FUN token is live. So, I thought I'd share a few pics from our recent camping trip and try the new tag! (Plus branch out with a few other tags) anyways...

Originally, we were planning to go float the river, but things happen. And as it turned out, for the best! We were able to leave a day earlier than planned and got to spend time with friends and family "framily" we don't get to see often. Including Micah's older sister ❤️.

Our tent was between our framily's 2 places so it was perfect for us! Everyone could have eyes on Micah!
(No accidental escapes or mishaps) although he did try several times to escape. Especially if you was trying to put a pull-up on him ... He was running! He hates them! Anyways...
I didn't actually take a whole lot of pictures. I was too busy just being there. Loving it! My hubby actually figured up the monthly cost to live there... And I'm ready🤣🤣 (but that's another story)

my hubby pushing Micah and I

This is where Micah and I spent much of our time... In the hammock! It was a huge success at keeping him in a spot for a while🥰🤣
Oh I did fall out of it once. Actually I was attempting to get in with my hands full of important things (ie phone, cigs, pot, lighter..) when I sat, and attempted to lay...I just rolled right on over🤦🤣 THANKFULLY no one else was awake to see!! Except for armadillo who was around every morning..(it was really early)

Micah enjoying a stroll ❤️

He loves going for a walk

Micah and his sister❤️

Sweet babies❤️ Micah and his sister Addison ❤️

do you see him? zoom in

Him and his friends were crafty! Couldn't leave bread or chips out unattended... They wanted them🤦🤣

Anyways, I guess that's going to be it lol ..I had a few more pics but the Internet is acting up. Storms in the area are interfering🤷🤦



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Made in Canva

Thank you! I'll do that next time!

No wonder everyone's attracted to the earths center
It is pretty hot

Credit: reddit
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