Fundition proudly presents: @steemtelly's project: "Help me launch Steem Telly, an Apple TV app for D.Tube and DSound content"

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Welcome to new week lovely people! The weekend was a lot of fun for us, was it fun for you? Did you have some rest and prepared for the next week? We know that transitions from weekends to working days can be tricky and sometimes hard so let us make your Monday a bit better with presenting you a great project done by @steemtelly about an actual steem tv! The project is called Help me launch Steem Telly, an Apple TV app for D.Tube and DSound content and it is about an app for Apple TV that would allow users from all over the world to watch and listen to materials on our D. apps.

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@quochuy, one of the witnesses on the Steem blockchain, went on to create an Apple TV app that will not only allow D.Tube and DSound fans to be able to enjoy decentralized content on their TV (forget about HDMI cable and welcome to the future) but will also get Steem, D.Tube and DSound exposure on the Apple App Store which will potentially bring more users to the platform. This project will help spread the news about steemit to more than 21 million users that Apple TV has.

With the knowledge on XML and Javascript, and with the use of predefined templates created by Apple, Steem Telly was born. It is currently only working inside the Apple TV Simulator in @steemtelly's Macbook Pro but will soon be available to the general audience. It just needs a bit of our help.

Photo is made and owned by @steemtelly

Once launched, the app will show a top navigation bar allowing users to browse between New videos, Trending videos, Hot videos, and DSound content (Radio tab). Once the user is on the item grid, he or she can use the Apple TV remote controller to navigate and select a video and open its details page with lots of info. It will show details about the selected video such as who are the top voters, the pending payout value, a zoomable description etc. and play the video from that page. Take a look and see for yourself:

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Browsing audio content from DSound is very similar to browsing videos from D.Tube, the thumbnails are just square instead of being rectangle and when on the audio details page, there is an "Add to playlist" button which allows you to queue items to listen to them in sequence, a feature that will also be added to videos.

Image is owned by @steemtelly

This project needs your help to finalize it and create an awesome new way to enjoy your D.apps content. The creator has spent days and days on it (and will continue to do so) but needs funds for the payment of an Apple Developer account in order to be able to install this app on his own Apple TV for some real tests. This will also allow him to send a beta version of the app for potential testers. 99 dollars are needed and we are sure that we can all gather that amount in no time.


Depending on your level of support, you can choose between 3 different backer rewards. You can get your steem name mentioned in the credits of the app, you can also get it mentioned in the next update post or be one of the first users by becoming a beta-tester.

Image is made and owned by @steemtelly

To read all about this project and learn how you can support it, visit it on by simply clicking on the link: Help me launch Steem Telly, an Apple TV app for D.Tube and DSound content and be sure to check their steemit profile @steemtelly to read about news and updates.

Original image is made and owned by @steemtelly

You know that motto of ours Start building the future today that we always keep mentioning and live by? This is what we are talking about, projects like this one. Blockchain technology is the future, there is no more questioning when it comes to that conclusion. Projects like Steem Telly have their rightful place in that future and will soon be something that we are exposed to in our everyday lives. We are excited to be a part of that journey and proud to support a project like this one. There is still time for you to join that journey too and help with the funding. Open your hearts and open your minds, donate today.

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Awesome project I can see a lot of potential for steem based TV Apps. Why not create a best of movie guide with all series and movies from Amazon and Netflix and add the Steem Voting System to it?

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That's not a bad idea. I could see a Steem Blockchain powered IMDB / Rotten Tomatoes kind of site.