Are You Getting Value From My Work?

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Are you getting value from my work?

I follow the analytics for my website and social media accounts very closely.

And I see a lot of returning users.

I also see a decreasing bounce rate.

As well as increasing average session duration.

And that’s great!

I want you guys to keep coming back.

This kind of knowledge and understanding takes time and effort to acquire.

The best way to support my work is through a voluntary financial donation.

Even when you contribute just $1, it has a positive impact on my ability to serve more powerfully.

I’ve made it my mission not to create a “business” out of sharing occult knowledge.

Just as I was able to learn without making huge financial investments.

In fact, the most valuable knowledge I’ve ever learned didn’t cost any money at all.

Such knowledge belongs in the public domain, and should be available to anyone who is willing to pay the ACTUAL price:

Spending time and paying attention.

Having the will to take action, and the courage to face the truth.

However, this work does require resources to produce.

I do need a (surprisingly small amount of) money to keep this work going.

Your financial donation, no matter how small, keeps this effort alive.

You can donate here:

I recently added GoGetFunding as a fundraising partner.

In total, there are 8 different ways to donate, including cryptocurrencies.

If you’d prefer to sponsor content on my network, then check out the sponsorship option:

You’ll see banner placements throughout the website.

Thank you.