The Last Selfie

in #funny6 years ago


Just chillin. Let me get those trees in the background there. Nice fall color. The two bushes also.

Hey, what’s that sound? OMG.



I wish @beautifultalkz will see the selfI lolz Very funny

Reminds me of when I got bit by a pit bull last month, but it wasn't as funny!

Imagining the sight! Sorry!

I like your post ,, funny :D
Thank for sharing my friend @mustard

Lol. This got me laughing hard...

This is so funny. Never imagined animals taking some is really advancing...thanks for helping me laugh my ass out @mustard

I cant story laughing....funny post

This is so funny, thank for sharing @mustard

hahahah, those guys are charging on you......better throw the camera and run......

Hahah..that moment you just know its your last day

Hahahaha... The cat just had to take is last selfie, for it funeral knowing life ends here.


Indeed the last selfie. I'm new carry me along.