The Godfather Part 3 (1990): When the Movie Director's Daughter is in the Movie and she has to do a Sex Scene

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Hi people,

This week I watched The Godfather III (1990) for the first time! (I know, an old movie like that and I'm only watching it now yeah and yeah) On watching this movie, I was disappointed by the sex scene - or what was supposed to be a good sex scene. Ruffled, I began to wonder what the hell went wrong? I did a few checks and probes as the detective par excellence I am and that was when I found out the girl in the scene, real name Sofia Coppola, was the daughter of the movie director Francis Ford Coppola! 'That explains everything', I whispered.

I had watched the part 1 & 2 years ago but I just came across this part 3 on some site this week and I decided to watch it. Or, hold up, since I'm not sure about the legality of this site and if they had rights to the movie I should not be telling everyone I watched a movie from there. So scratch that, let's start all over again. What actually happened was I was kidnapped by some guys my dad owed some money. Wait, that would mean my dad is a never do well, right? Damn. Ok, I was kidnapped by some guys who owed my dad money. Why would they want to kidnap me then? Simple: they are overly bad guys like that, they were adding insult to injury.

So, I was kidnapped by these bad guys and while in captivity they played the movie there on their TV screen and I watched it with them. That was how I came to watch this movie.

This part 3 had a bunch of new characters, most striking of which was the charming Mary Corleone played by Sofia Coppola.



Really captivating girl. At the time of making the movie she was just about 19. Looking at her on the screen I'd said damn, if only I was born in her time, I would have totally banged her! Now, readers, come to the back let me tell you something real quick: at this point you might be getting the urge to ask me how many of these beautiful movie stars born in my own time I have been able to bang. Don't ask me that. Just don't.

Okay, so this beautiful young lady was in the supposed sex scene with Vincent played by actor Andy Garcia.

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What happened was, the both of them only kissed for a few seconds andnd then Vincent lifted her up, carried her away from the camera and that was the end of the sex scene! Just like that! This was really disappointing and there are many good reasons why. These reasons can be encapsulated in these short words: The Build Up The fucking build up! The build up was too promising to have produced just that. Firstly: the charming girl was really into the handsome character Vincent. She was trying hard to get with him and everytime they met she gave him that look that seemed to say 'Hey, you there with the leather Jacket. I'm going to fuck you into paralysis'.



Secondly: Vincent was quite the pipe layer himself, a plumber par excellence. Had ladies trying to get with him and being with ladies since he was 15. There also was a scene, before he met Mary Corleone, with him and another lady after what was clearly a good night's romp.

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So when you have two characters build up like this what more could you expect?

Then on the day of the sex scene, the pretty girl meets Vincent in this quite house. It was dark, it was quite, they were alone, the mood was set to a beaut! Then what happens? They kiss shortly:

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and Vincent carries her off:


We are left to see the curtain and empty room for a few seconds:


I waited, looking at that curtain, for the next continuing big thing but that was it. That was the end. The door shut on my very face.

I was overwhelmed and felt deeply wronged. Only an apology would have done it for me, until I saw the charming girl and the director had the same surname. I ran a quick google thing and I saw it was actually his daughter. No wonder! Like, that explains it. The director Francis Coppola must have kept it on the down low because that was his daughter. Its not like he hasn't shown some explicit stuff previously, he had. They had been a couple braless girls in previous scenes of The Godfather. Even one of the actresses Simonetta Stefanelli
fully showed her bare breastases:



So Francis Coppola was the director/man that didn't mind showing stuff. It had to be because that was his daughter that he played it cool. Would be different types of some type of way if he had to direct a more explicit sex scene starring his daughter, you'd agree.

So after finding out about this, I thought about what I should do with my disappointment. Do I forgive the director Coppola for hiding stuff from us because it was his daughter? Sure I could forgive him for that, it's understandable. But how about the fact that he could have starred someone else instead of his daughter so that he can please the fans with some good old extra skin? Fans are customers and in the business world customer is King. Well, as King I should be kind and wise; I can say that his daughter had to debut (even if she had played in part 2 when she was about 3 years old) it wasn't so bad to place family before all else. So once again I forgive him. Hey, Mr. Coppola, His Horny Royal Highness Nevies, First of His Name, pardons you, you're free to go.

Lastly, though. The two people in the sex scene Mary Corleone and Vincent were first cousins in the movie (not in real life), it was quite common for Italians especially from Sicily and Calabria to marry their first cousins. Wikipedia even says here that first cousin marriages were around to 50% of all marriages in the last century. Maybe the director Francis Coppola didn't want to show a more explicit sex scene involving two fictional cousins as that might feel awkward to the American audience and other world audiences that consider sex between two cousins incest and a taboo.


PS: I watched this movie from a perfectly legal source!
PS2: Please also forgive me for censoring Simonetta's breastases, I tender the link above which is the source of the image as supplication.



You will have to write the perfect film yourself then. I suppose there's not too many nude ladies in Nollywood films either? Here in Scandinavia we are pretty adamant about it - there need to be nudes in films else they are inauthentic!

Hahahaha, oh who knows what I must have been missing from Scandinavian cinema. In Nollywood movies there's only little nudity but there is a lot of sexual scenes, they do it without showing much skin. I'm surely going to make movies in future and I just might give hardcore porn movies a run for their money with my cinema movies 😂😂😅

For sure, mate! The film business is where you are heading :)