Fun comdey

in #funny5 years ago

Girl: Baby ,Can you speak Italian, German or French??
Because you Like watching their games so attentively.
Boy: Yeah I understand Everything...
Girl: Mmmmh,can you speak a little so that I can hear??
Boy: Neymar Totti Messi Ancelotti Del Piero Gonzalo Dybala
Arbeloa Maldini Di Natale Konte Atletico...
Girl: Waoooow....what does it Mean???
Boy: In all days of my life,You will Remain being in ma
Girl: Babe....Thank you ...I love you so Much...
Boy: Ngolo Kante...
Girl: Mmhh...And what does it mean???
Boy:Means I love you too..
😂 😂 😂