Weird English Names in China

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As someone who has lived in China for a few years, and as someone who has his very own pair of ears, one of the strangest things foreigners notice when visiting China is the blatant silliness of English names that some citizens choose. This is not meant to disrespect the country in any way, but rather a personal observation over why some Chinese pick the names that they do.

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Let's start with a little bit of background. In China, many of the names actually have a meaning. This isn't to say Western names do not, but it is definitely more blatant over here. Traditional names are supposed to be strong, usually including the characters of strong animals, or powerful weather phenomena. In the West we say if you want to give your son a strong name...Kings or Presidents has been the motto. Over here, it is not unusual for someone's name to translate to Big Dragon or the like.

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Some Chinese pick their name because it is easy for foreigners to pronounce, as Mandarin is an absolutely horrid language to learn. With the variety of tones, as well as many multiples of meanings just for a single character, it can take years of study to become proficient. In this regard, someone picking the name Apple (either the fruit or the company) is just easier for non-natives.

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A short list of some of the more humorous names I have come across:

1. Rainy (usually taken because of a certain K-Pop star)

2. Superman

3. Batman

4. Dog

5. Skillet

6. Book

7. 7

8. Samsung

9. Cinderella

10. Bob (A girl)

At the end of the day, it really is not that big of a deal, I mean, unless you want people to take you seriously professionally. I personally have totally given into it for the reverse. Hence my own "Chinese Name" 椅子, which means chair. Because it was the first thing in my line of sight when someone asked me what my Chinese name is.


All Rainy girl memes taken from QuickMeme. The chair is from the Pier1 website


American celebrities are known for giving their poor kids really crappy names. North West, Apple, Zuma, Pilot, FiFi, just to name a few. No wonder more than a few child actors have asked for legal separation from their parents.

I don't know if the cause is directly related, but it really isn't fair to give your kids a name better suited to your dog. ;)

These rainy girls memes were amazing.
It's weird how some Chinese families will think something like Batman is a superb name but they don't know about the connotations relations to it haha
I'd hate to be a girl and be called Bob @realcodysimon lol

Agree. It really comes to the fact the USA has won a cultural war over basically the world so when people decide to pick a name they just think a random pop culture name is acceptable. Then again, quite a few Americans are naming their kids khaleesi...

funny and nice

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I'm an English Teacher in Vietnam.

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Accidents happen.

Learning Chinese can't be to difficult. I've seen three year old kids speak it very well.

Hehe - I live in HK, so I've also seen a plethora of mental names - but one which always cracks me up is a work colleague of my girlfriend - PETER PAN!
Can't help but imagine him in the classic green getupdownload.jpg

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So many Rainys...

I've needless to say, heard of some absolute crackers. Some of my favourites include:


Bob 1 and Bob 2 - two different drivers at the same company were assigned these names by the management.

Mary, Marry and Marrry - all employees at the same hotel; each Mary was distinguished by the amount of r's that she spelt her English name with.

Nikolaeovich - Apparently this young gentleman was a big fan of a composer with the same name.

Bale - This surname doesn't quite work as a given name, does it?

Dodo - I hope that this was based upon a Chinese nickname or something.