Community building with cats - on CATURDAY

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I have long been telling people the real trick with Steemit is to become an active member in the growing number of communities on discord and but have been too busy to maintain the cat community I started last year... until now.

Caturday on discord

With the help of @marcovanhassel Caturday will no longer be hosting a plethora of unrelated subjects but instead it will be as it should be... ONLY CATS!

Even the most basic of minds can understand what this means I hope.


It was never my intention to have any kind of authority policing the server to maintain harmony, but apparently that is how it must be.

Beware the cat police!

From now on it will be a server dedicated to the love of cats, saving our most beautiful or most crazy cat posts till Saturday.


The Guidelines

If you want to be in our cat club you will have to follow these simple guidelines:


There may be situations in which cats are part of a bigger story which is okay.

No matter their appearance... as long as they are cats they are fine by us!


Post promote articles just once.

Anyone posting dog posts will be barred immediately. Nah, just kidding 😉dogs are great too but have no place in a discord group called Caturday.

You all get three chances to mess it up before you feel the boot of the Maine Coon (me) & his trusty Siamese (@marcovanhassel).

There is a cat-chat feed for getting to know eachother & a throwback-cats feed for great cat posts you want to share with the group which are older than 7 days.

Users are encouraged to post their best cat posts on Saturday, coz that would be Caturday!

Come join us if you feel like it 🐱

Safe to say cat lovers are a friendly bunch and we will welcome you there with a big smile:)


Discord group here:

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This is nice. You get a full upvote from me.
@madamecat should also see this

Thanks. Appreciate that ;)

Come join us if you like? I see a cat on your avatar!

Thanks for looking at my cat initiative post. I added a couple of updates and changed the video to a link because you are right, it didn't make me feel good watching it at all. Thanks for starting Caturday server! Cat Guardians unite!

Cat Guardians Unite!

Love that ;)

good idea. I know that every cat lover had something nice with their cat, but I don't even saw like this. Cool!

Hope to see you with some cat posts on discord ;)

Actually I scary about cat. When the cat close to me, I feel scary. I dunno, it was happened since I child.

Oh, sorry to hear that. My partner was the same way when we met, but I had 13 cats at the time, most of them kittens. This cured her ;)

No problem. I dont like cat but I didn't hate them. They are the cute.
Almost all my friend love cat, they had more than you had. I never complain if my friends told about their cat's activity. It was fun.

That's a marvelous idea @samstonehill! A lot of people love cats and we can definitely used a more dedicated effort to highlight cat content on Steemit!


There are a lot of out there for sure. And together we are stronger ;)

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Excellent ;)