A Tour of Beautiful Shoes for YOU! Day 28

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Are you having a wonderful weekend? I'll bet you are! Proper big ups and maximum respect, 'pun de each and EVERY one, who'em be'en, right here, an' right now, doncha' know...


You are going to see a HARD left turn in today's monthly review of quality men's footwear!

In the photo above, I showcased what I did yesterday.

Given the title and topic of this month's blog I'm sure you're already aware of what I'm talking about, and if it doesn't make sense now, it will in a moment 😀

Loving life in Jamaica (mon), and knowing two days ago what was to come, Craiggles got a pedicure(!)



Guys, if you've never done this, you should.

Even better, if you're a fella and you're the mating sort, have a date with your lady, and keeping it a secret from her, book a couples pedicure, and go together!

You'll both love it, you just gave bragging rights to your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse, and if they love you, are generous with you, and have a brain, you can look forward to receiving amazing oral sex later!

This was a solo mission.

And I'm not that flexible.

With Jamaica 36 hours away, and the intent to look as pretty as possible out of respect for the other guests, Craiggles got a pedi:


All my ladies out there - you know what that photo means!

And YES!

You're right 😀

Let's look at that first photo again:


Are your eyes to the bottom left of the screen now?


Aw yeah...



Because it's fun to be weird!

So today's shoe selection got upgraded to my beautiful, sparkly gold toenails.

You're welcome.


More shoes coming tomorrow, I had to share this because, again, more fun ridiculousness to confuse and delight the world.

All my love, maximum respect to all of you, my brothers and sisters,

@scan0017 😘

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This is really awesome. fun stuff always necessary. I UPVOTED AND RESTEEMED SIR

Thanks for the upvote and resteem @slayer10!!!

Omg...golden nail coloring :D. She want more attraction. Awesome design sir.
upvote/ resteem.

No doubt I would not upload a photo of my nails, or after the pedicure. the soccer destroyed my feet. But I would take my girlfriend. with her I would not have to be flexible hahaha. You have my vote for your sincerity

Thanks for the upvote and resteem @pdavid!

Good idea the one of a pedicure in couple, I would like to do it with my girlfriend, I if I need a pedicure my feet are horrible, and I would choose a color like yours for my nails !!
@scan0017 upvote and resteemed

hahaha that serves to de-stress the mind something out of the ordinary very good posts. @ scan0017 upvote y resteemed

lol, i love your nails. I would like to paint my nails like that, but they do not grow much! ;P

@scan0017, Wow....I really like to your writing style. I feel like I stay in Jamaica and with those ladies now. :P
Its gives us pretty stunning. Pretty various sandals you've introduced here.
Looking marvelous with golden toenails.
Upvote/ Resteem.

Jajaja @scan017, always so funny and witty, you chose a good color for the nails. It is always good to get out of the routine.

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Omg.... Firstly you uploaded most likes ladies sexiest pics....Backside...Lol..
Totally wanna stunning ma minder. Its just awesome... Very cool sandals and its too different of your other posts. Deserve to simply occasions.

Up-Voted & Re-Steemed.

looks beautiful on u

Great!!!Because it's fun to be weird! You are awesome @scan0017 my friend. DQmdFrxBBT1R2CaAWR3AhX4mrv68Jdr6bUVCnMv9QPGr1tZ.gifDQmPvziZjvqGVmWF87b7gtwyebBQx7gThMdiDN8BRSVHfsS_1680x8400.png

That type of shoe are very comfortable to be in the pool. :)

Hahaha Craiggles This is damn fun. Hope you had a fun pedicure yesterday. Golden color toenails how amazing it suits your leg.

you are very funny and fun @scan0017 and also that nail color is fantastic, I'm going to paint mine mine of that color.

Upvote and resteem

just what I need hahahha, I really need a massage and a day of rest in a hotel with a pool.

Thanks for the resteem @victor26!

hahaha i love your nails.. xd

Great!!upvote and resteem sır images.jpeg

Nice post sir. Upvote and resteemed !!

How funny. They were beautiful your nails look like gold. This week you should post but sandals with your foot so you can excbish your nails well @scan0017. jajajajajajajajajajajajaj

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Enjoy Jamaica they say that life is super relaxed there so have a great time!
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I love the color of your nails, I think it is a very fun and inspiring color, whenever we can we must dare to do things that take us out of our comfort zone no matter how ridiculous it may seem to people. Greetings friend

Pedicures are life changing!! I haven't had one in a while and I am extremely ticklish, but I love the feeling of them!!

ive had some of the best pedicures in bali for some of the best prices enjoy the pool bars bro and remember you only have to tap your heels togethor and those toes can grant you 3 wishes... who wants to be normal ? STAY WEIRD its much funner

Words to live by...

So today's shoe selection got upgraded to my beautiful, sparkly gold toenails.

Lol, I love it! Have to admit, I’ve never had a pedicure, but those benefits sound pretty good.

You've been having an enjoyable day, we have a cold so we can not swim :p
respect #scan0017

huh enjoy I like the golden color that you choose, we have Winter in morocco we are staying at home huh not like you 😂

You are lucky @scan0017
I love you

All my love to you too @askmee 😊

I'm really proud to know my dear @scan0017

Exchellent work again @scan0017!!
I enjoy all your post _))
Thank you again for the beautiful sharing .....

thanks for share
I love your post and your style @scan0017

great sir you are brillient!
i agree its Even better, if you're a fella and you're the mating sort, have a date with your lady, and keeping it a secret from her, book a couples pedicure, and go together!
this inspire me!
i am really waiting for your article on shoes you know i m working on site which i use shoes ! its very helpful for me! you got anew fan!

If only I could vote this twice......
LOL, thank you for this, best way to start the morning :) I love the sparkly gold toes, you are right nothing sets the world up better than being weird every now and again. Have an amazing time.

LOL! 😀
Thanks Ren!
I still smile thinking about you, sharing the family drama in the coop 😂

Oh wow!

Hope to feel that place... and feel the enjoyment .... God Bless

Golden toes in the air don't care.

Keep that carefree lifestyle and be you.

I used to have superman blue hair with skyblue highlights!

Show 'em your piggies!



Aw yeah!
Pretty piggies be a playin' lol 😂

I like it :D gold is a good choice.you look like a funny person :D

Awesome travelling shoes. Thanks for sharing

You enjoy swimming In my town there is a cold

Wow, a very nice trip, I really like to swim, it is my hobby in my childhood and until now I still like. thank you @scan0017

i love the golden colour looks really great

We are freezing here

I bet ur day was fun filled.

vovv favorite color :)

i guess i am late today at your post still loved it

Enjoy your friend time on the weekend
Live love and grams today and leave Sunday to the next day
Thanks for your insightful and brilliant publication

Enjoy your friend time

We are waiting

Thanks for sharing @scan0017
I enjoy on your post.

I got a pedicure on day with thw wife.....i personally thought it was an overrated experience

Next time brother, try some nail polish:

It'll blow your world wide open...!

wow nice funny for shareing by@scanoo17

Amazing dear.Thanks for sharing it

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