A Tour of Beautiful Shoes for YOU! Day 29

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Aveda, we have a successful mission!


The shiny Gold Toes are a hit in Jamaica!

Tons of laughter and good times, ladies lining up around the bar to capture the photographic evidence, enough that a friend of mine thought to get a photo of someone else, taking a photo, of the fancy footwork taking place in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Good times 😀

Today's shoes!


Supple, smooth, leather in a honey-chocolate tone, these shoes are delicious.

A simple and sturdy grip from the sole, these shoes mix business AND pleasure!


The side profile, of course:


These shoes are among my favorites: casually elegant, super comfortable, and perfect for any occasion.

Have an incredible week Steemit!

Two more days of shoes to February!

Then pack your bags Martha, things gwon get extra fun n' interesting!

And an awesome track to kickoff your day!


@scan0017 😘


I just found your blog. I checked a lot of your entries.

You just made me smile. A lot.

Man, I am here to stay.

Thank you for sharing.

If you have tried some other Colors for toe nails, it won't too fancy but golden color just superb. What a feel when many people were in queue to capture your legs. Smile on your face seems you had a good fun there!!

Wow, another set of shoes.... God Bless

İnteresting... Upvote and resteem sır images.jpeg

It is a shoe type according to his adjectives. leather-backed, mostly leather-soled, for serious-looking shoes. you might think it's like classical music invented in the 17th century.
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@slayer10 'pun maximum, FULL effect doncha know!
Mad bigups an' compellin' FULL respek pon' me bredren - me luv yu brudder, carry on - EVERY time pun' de place mon!

You have good sharing. I follow you closely. Thank you for your support and comment. @scan0017

Precious shoes, good finish, fine style and its color is my favorite..
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Super shoes..!!Enjoy it @scan0017..!!
Resteem with love_))

you have brother style, both exotic and elegant.

It looks like you're having a good time.

Nice shoes bro :) resteemed and upvote !!

awesone shoes resume now

Nice post📝, nice shoes👞, upvote👍 and resteem 📄

@scan0017 the best thing is to enjoy and have a good time and make something nice! today's shoes are very representative, the leather and its color make a person look elegant. Up-Voted & Re-Steemed

I love that kind of shoes because they make the gentlemen look elegant and avant-garde. regards @scan0017 . Upvote and resteem

The brown shoes and with a very particular zuela @ scan0017 look very elegant and original, suitable for a special occasion, they are very beautiful and your nails are also great @ scan0017.

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@ scan0017 I like to dress elegantly with button-down shirts and those kind of elegant shoes, those shoes would fit very well I liked them a lot! They also look very comfortable to use.

@scan0017, Wow...You created me fun this moment to me. Just classical brown colored shoes indeed. Looking to handy.
I really like to hear and dance with house dj's. I enjoy with your musics.
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@scan0017 that shoes so beautiful and elegant, ready for any occasion, you ate it as always presenting good and original shoes.

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Once again you have captivated me with your shoes and brown shoes my favorite color, they are very elegant but what I loved most were your nails, you are unique @ scan0017.

Upvote y resteem.

wooow again beatiful shoes. This is sees many people. So resteem and upvote @scan0017

Just unique and gorgeous leather shoe pair. After wearing we'll be more handsome looks. Chocolate color deserve to any occasions. Comfortable footwear. You're rocking with party music.

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cute shoe, I like the color, my boyfriend has some similarities to that!
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Hehe i bet ladies are loving it in jamaica the golden fingers :D
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I bet the gold toenails were an absolute hit with the locals!! I like these shoes alot here! Elegant is a good word for it!!

Hahaha you're crazy! 🤣 I love it!

Enjoy your time there! Seems like a lot of fun! How are the chicks digging your beard??

Everybody's loving it 😀
So of course I had to throw a wrench in that pipeline and shaved it off along with 80% of the hair on my head...
Pics coming ☺️

OMG why?!!

Great photo! LOVE the toe nails, they suit the man!❤️️

First image gave me little crazy and final video song gave me fire.
Shoes seems comfortable and glorious. Just Interesting @scan0017.
Upvote/ Resteem.

multi functional with a bottle opener in the sole ..now thats a shoe i want haha. stay sharp twinlkle toes

Wonderful shoes..

We lived with you for a whole month of fun with the wonderful, wonderful and wonderful Sundays sometimes.
Thank you for taking us for a full month.
Beautiful shoes are gorgeous but I do not like this kind
I love sports Sunday.

I am follow you nice post please follow me back

If I had this shoe I would remove that ring and sell it as silver LOL

Nice shoes

Cant believe you already got this far! SO MANY SHOES

@scan0017 we love you , Actually you make me smile and laugh sometimes when I read your posts , thank you so much

Can you introduce yourself next post with pictures of you , I want to know who is @scan0017 because I have never seen you

Resteem this post to help make the world smile, and your wish is my command 🙇‍♂️

Aw, shoot:
Here's me 🙂

Wow, you look a lot younger with that shaved beard and that haircut! ☻

oh my godness hahaha!

@scan0017 I think I need something like that for my cousin's wedding, they'll be perfect for dancing. Hey, man, do you still use those elegant golden fingers? upvote y resteem

Thanks for the upvote and resteem!
Please reply so you can get your $1 upvote; I can't upvote your comment for some reason... 😢

Here I am, hahaha. because they do not want me to get my steem. can I vote now?

Hey, I like them a lot!
I like this type of shoes.
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