Wise men talk because they have something to say. Fools talk because they have to say something.

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All those so-called Corona experts on social media.

Don't know about you guys, but to me it has become really boring. And for quite some time now.

This new invention: the earmask, doesn't protect you against Covid-19.


But at least it blocks about 95% of all the jibber-jabber and bullshit that comes of the mouths of those "experts".

Did you (btw) know that back in the Middle Ages they held orgies to celebrate having overcome the plague.
Anyone heard if there's anything planned yet??

People, this is Sarah.
She is 45 years old and has three children. She eats anything she likes, stays up late, often till 3AM, drinking and partying and she has never exercised a day in her life.
What's her secret?

Nothing! She's the girl in the background.


Thanks for reading.

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Yes. The people FREAKING OUT telling everyone to NOT BE AFRAID, constantly. Who the hell is afraid?

More people are dying because of state-imposed Corona-measures than they are being killed by the virus.
Postponed life-saving surgery, delayed/reduced treatment for cancer etc etc.

A bunch of fucking morons, that's what they are.

Hahaha, thanks for the laugh Amigo! 😁
Gonna get me some of that ear protection. And you had me fooled, again, focussed on the wrong dame. Started wondering how on earth she... 😄

Have a great one!

You're welcome. Had quite some (pre)fun making it myself also.

CU Latex!

Good to see you around bud. Missed you tbh.

Wtf is Sarah doing there man? She's ruining everything...

This whole Corona "event" has brought me more work than I could ever imagine man. Just a little calmer now, but new projects again on their way.
Tried (and will try) to comment and engage a bit more here and there nevertheless, but posting ... will stay on low level I think.

I think Sarah is asking herself that same question mate ... Wtf am I doing here?

Haha. That earmask is really fucking important during these times lol.

95% bullshit proof. But, probably made in China so if it blocks half of that we're already lucky ...

So true ? Smartest and wisest men I know do this.

Are you from France ?

I'm from the Netherlands actually, but have lived and worked in France for 12 years. Go back there every now and then.

It's about time indeed ...

Beginning of july I think.

Hahahaha!! And was like..."yeah I knew he has something up his sleeves" lol. 🤪 I always look forward to reading your post lol...it is always a mood changer hehehe. Am glad you dropped by!! Hope you are doing great though? 😉💕

Glad you liked it. And I'm fine, thanks for your kind words.

Hahhhaha this was funny. I would walk on streets and laugh by myself all day if people would wear ear masks😂 But with the right panic inducing news.... Who knows... 😂

You're right I guess, with the right panic message they can get some people even believe it.

We could all use a good party ... Hive Five @smasssh ..You are so lucky, all I have are birds in my backyard...

I think you're lucky too man. Cheerful birdsong in the backyard is always better than that 45 year old Sarah and her three kids ;-)

If I am not going to read anything again.
Man thay title only is a valued word and sentence

Indeed. Too many fools on this planet.

goed weekend smasssh

Jij ook man.
(Ook je "draai" hier een beetje gevonden zo lijkt het?)

ja me roeping gevonden haha maar ik ben gelukkig ook weer normaal aan t werk in die gekke corona bier tijden

It is good to see your post after long time. I appreciated your idea of ear mask as it is really useful to keep away so called Covid experts. Keep it up!

Besides very busy with work, I only post when I have something to say. :-)

Nice to see you back. Although the earmask is looking funny, but it will be helpful to stop listening so called bullshit. Have a nice weekend.

I doubt it also. Great weekend to U too.

yep, on twitter also.