Futcoin, almost 400% growth and...

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Futcoin is shooting to the moon!

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When you look to the biggest gainers and losers in coinmarketcap, you can see.

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This is the biggest gainer for the last 24hs and when you try to open their webpage to see what the project is all about what you see is this.

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So or there is a pump and dump on this currency going on or most people just invest in it because things are going up and not for the technology. These kind of behavior also creates problems when the coins start going down.

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We are talking of a coin that as 100k volume in a small exchange but still a coin that their last tweet is from 2015 having this much growth something strange or stupid needs to be going on.

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What you guys think?

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Miguel Portela


Didn’t know the coin until now and happy about it. Really can’t understand such things. How can people invest in coins without doing some research? I can understand P&D groups are trying this with coins which do have a website or community but here? Are they just assuming that Fomo is enough to make a profit!
I will not garantue that this will never happen to me because I do want to learn about a coin before buying it. And if they price got to high after my research its just my bad and will move to the next one which attracts my interest!