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It’s a beautiful Monday morning and you wake up excited to attack the day. You head down to the local market where a fresh assortment of foods are available for you. With each item you swipe your Peerplays app on your phone to pre-auth payment on all items. After enjoying your breakfast with some friends, you head off to your favorite place to go, the local gaming center.


Filled With Anticipation,

You link up with your teammate in Sweden who has been taking the earlier shift of solving a protein synthesis issue that has been sponsored by an international scientific cooperative lab. A challenge which has been put out on Peerplays for everyone worldwide. Solving this problem will mean a $100k conditional donation in PPY tokens for your team, and a cure for a resilient strain of Covid19 virus that has broken out in Northeast India.

Spectators online see the task and know you and your teams Peerplays Gamified User Profile score. You rank among the top 10,000 in the world in this type of gaming environment. Your teammates have similar stats with the exception of a few rookies on your crew who you see promise in, so they are going through mentorship.


Other Teams are Working in the Same Game,

Going after the same prize, and spectators worldwide are excited to predict who will be the winning team to win the game and save the day. They place their predictions on Peerplays, then tune in to watch the live stream of your mastery.

You enter the game environment where your avatar team mate gives you his progress report before he signs off to go play another game. The simulation begins and you go about attempting to solve the problem. Fans watch and interact with each other as part of the community and submit their own conditional donations to the challenge in support of your efforts and seeing their name flash on the screens of 246,890 live viewers.


By the End of Your Shift

The $100k conditional donation now has ballooned to $187k as you appear to be getting close to solving it, but rumours of another team closing in has everyone on the edge of their seats.

Your teammate in California is now online to tag you out and take over. He’s not as exciting to watch as you are, so viewers die down a little, but still the race continues.


You are Just One of Billions of People Who Play Games Daily

As the means to work getting done. Companies are now blockchain cooperatives that work together worldwide in a self regulated fashion to address the needs of people worldwide.

The idea of nations serving the interest of their citizens first has become as antiquated as slavery.


The Earth is One Country, and Humanity, it’s Citizens,

And communities span the earth based on common interests now stronger than ever thanks to the frictionless communication and monetary exchange via global blockchain infrastructure.

Peerplays standards and open public blockchain infrastructure sit at the heart of this new world providing a symbiotic ongoing service to these communities capturing their value in billions of timestamps in a lifetime of game play.

Millions are waiting… for this future today.


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