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SafeTag Plug 4G


Here is the latest product I reviewed for a UK based merchant. They're a relatively small family brand that's doing big things. Their products are also for sale in America, and some other countries, which is good since they cover most of the world on their "global extended" plan.

It's a GPS tracker device that is designed to plug directly into the ODB-2 port of a vehicle. It draws energy directly from the vehicle (battery), but has an internal battery that gives the device the ability to keep working even after having been unplugged or "tampered with". In that case, an alert is sent to your mobile device so you can take appropriate action. It's got other features that I talk about in the video.

I don't actually need a tracker at the moment. Car crime is high in London but my neighbourhood is full of cars that are much nicer than mine haha. I think mine is pretty safe by default. I looked at the T&C and it doesn't seem like I can sell this on eBay. As such, my sister will be getting it since she has a much nicer car than I do.

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My son had a tracker for his car insurance, but they fitted it in the engine bay. The way they did it allowed water to get into the fusebox and did some damage. They paid for that to be fixed and then moved it to the cover for the battery, which was a more sensible place. This option seems a lot neater and would save them on installation costs. I expect some parents want to track their kids too. Car thieves might know to look out for it though.

Yeah, true, any good car thief would do a good scan scan first. This is more fore what said - monitoring children, or staff in a fleet of vehicles. This company also has one you can install around the battery, or tiny magnetic ones you can place under the car that are nearly impossible to find unless you know exactly where it is.

No matter what, just get a car tracker. I never knew cat crime are very much high in London
I’m surprised

This tracker reaches Nigeria haha

Technology has advanced a lot and such things must be included in our expensive special items.