Worthwhile Journeys Are Not Pleasant!

in #gallerani4 years ago

As I continue to mention this project, my ideas about it and my journey with it continue to clarify.

I feel like it's been years even though it hasn't even been weeks!

I feel like I've been working on this project for so so so long, even though it hasn't been that long.

The journey thusfar has been far from sunshine and rainbows the whole way through. I've had a lot of down moments and a lot of frustrations.

But I keep pushing forward, knowing that my mission is critical to the life I want to build for myself.

This project that I'm building is the biggest thing I've ever worked on in my entire life... I've never worked harder on anything in my entire life! I've never put so much effort and passion into something as this.

I've also never felt like I was world-class at anything before... You know, that idea that you're the best at your craft and there isn't a single person who can outperform you at what you do?

I feel that way about this and let me tell you, it's extremely rewarding!!

If you want to touch the light, you absolutely have to be willing to embrace the darkness... You have to be willing to pass through it and endure it.

Many of the hardest things in life are the most valuable and that's definitely how this project is panning out for me!

I've never been so excited and so exhausted in my entire life! But I will keep grinding away, because it's what I love to do! The journey is amazing and the journey will keep going, that's what excites me!