Kryptogamers is LIVE on Hive- Engine and GAMER Token collaborates with DCity

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Kryptogamers is the only Provably Fair Gaming Platform with the lowest house-edge where you can play 4 of the most popular games on Steem and Hive.

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Hive Engine Transition

Our vibrant HIVE community have wagered more than 2M+ Hive only in the past 2 months playing their favorite games and we are proud to announce that we have distributed more than 15000 HIVE in dividends in these 2 months and a total of more than 100K+ dividends is distributed up till now excluding referral rewards, buyback and other rewards to steem and hive community.

Owing to the requests of our community, we have shifted GAMER token to Hive Engine. All the GAMER Tokens have been successfully airdropped to our token holders on Hive Engine taking into account all of their liquid balances, staked balances, pending unstake balances, market sell orders, etc on Steem Engine. So from now onwards, feel free to transact GAMER only on Hive Engine and do not place any buy orders on steem engine from now onwards.

GAMER Token Holder Incentives

125K+ Steem+Hive has already been distributed including dividends, referral and buyback rewards to all our players uptill now.

All GAMER Token holders are receiving DOUBLE incentives (Hive rewards and Steem rewards) as follows.

  • Daily Steem Dividends: 70% of Profits based on House Edge is distributed as Steem Dividends among all GAMER token holders for all steem bets placed daily on our platform.
  • Daily Hive Dividends: 70% of Profits based on House Edge is distributed as Hive Dividends among all GAMER token holders for all hive bets placed daily on our platform.
  • Daily Referral Rewards in Steem: All Steem bets placed by your referred players are counted towards your referral rewards in Steem.
  • Daily Referral Rewards in Hive: All Hive bets placed by your same referred players are counted towards your referral rewards in Hive.
  • Club Rewards: Your Steem+Hive wager is used to calculate your club status and tier rewards.
  • Leaderboard Rewards: Your Steem+Hive wager is counted in Daily Leaderboards of all games.

DCity Collaboration

For all those DCity fans out there, you’re in for a treat. GAMER Tokens will be used to trigger an in-game event and will also be distributed with the Casino Building.

     20 000 GAMER for PokerNight Event
     Organized with 20000 GAMER tokens, 
     Decrease crime rate in City by 5-20, 
     Gives 15% chance to receive gambler
     Gives 5% to receive addicted gambler every 2 hours. 
     Last for 24 hours, you can start it every 4 days.

     New Cards:
     Gambler population 1 popularity -1
     Addicted Gambler population 1 income 1 popularity -1

     Casino distribute GAMER tokens if not robbed that day:
     +1 share per casino
     +0.01 share per casino per gambler
     +0.02 share per casino per addicted gambler

Above details can change and further details will be given on official DCity account.

A Big THANK YOU to our Steem and Hive community for enjoying our games and dividends so much.

Much more exciting stuff is brewing up on our servers.

Stay Tuned for our next exciting update.


This is great news! I’ve been a big support of your site and hope that This grows the player base exponentially.

Hey, awesome!

Gawd damn it. Seems like dcity is a gravity well, sucking in every other token. I 'heart' this.

This is great news!

what happened to the steem-engine tokens? they disappeared!

We have delisted it on SteemEngine so that no one can place buy orders there as the same GAMER token is already live on Hive- Engine.

How do I play this game?🤔

Visit , select the game you want to play and checkout How To Play section for your selected game.

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Hi there, the Dividends on the website are in what? GAMER tokens?

This seems like a big error. I have Hive Keychain installed and just login in with Hive Keychain x)

I love to play games

Your homepage wants me to install "Steem-Keychain" in order to play. I don't have Hive Keychain installed.

Is that a bug or?