The Protagonist: EX-1 Gameplay (PC)

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The Protagonist: EX-1 Early Access pc gameplay (no commentary).
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"The Protagonist: EX-1 is a gripping new turn-based, tactical RPG. You’re a highly trained soldier on a mission to infiltrate an alien space station that goes horribly wrong—find your team and discover the hidden truth."

The Protagonist: EX-1 starts its Steam Early Access

In The Protagonist: EX-1 we'll take on the role of Angel, a highly trained special agent with advanced martial arts skills, on a mission to infiltrate an alien space station.

After the mission goes awry, Angel wakes up in the infirmary with no memory of what happened and must fight his way through waves of enemies to rescue the rest of the team from him.

The early access version contains four levels in which we can explore the alien space station.


3Mind Games is planning regular updates to add new levels, enemies, and much more.

When a mysterious alien ship of enormous proportions takes orbit over Terra, the Terran attempt to make first contact. Could anyone have avoided the disastrous consequences that followed? Now, war looms on the horizon between the Terran and the invading synthetic race.

The Terran government devises a plan to infiltrate the station. An elite strike team led by Angel, a highly trained special agent with advanced martial arts skills, is dispatched to neutralize the threat. But the mission goes awry and Angel wakes up in the infirmary of the station's lab. With no recollection of what happened, he must rely on an unknown face to guide her through the alien ship, find the rest of his team, and complete the operation. She only knows this: they are Terra's only hope.


These are its key features:

Martial Arts Combat System - Customize your character's melee combat skills
Dynamic dialogue system: make decisions and face the consequences
Initiative and Action Points System: take full control over your character's actions on his turn
Deep content: meet more than 7 playable characters, more than 10 types of enemies, more than 19 types of weapons and much more