Let's Let Some New People In!

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Hi friends! Ready to be robots? Let's open the metaverse doors to 7 more people. I'll name you a little later. Then if you want in, reply to this post and I'll send you a password in Discord or Twitter or in an encrypted message in Hive, whatever you prefer.

What Do I have To Buy To Get IN?

Nothing. No Cost. No Fee.

How Much Time Do I Have To Spend In MetaRobots?

As much or as little time as you want.

How Do I Report Bugs Or Make Suggestions?

We have a Forum. You can post there. Select Type: Question, Issue or Suggestion.

metarobots Forum

Get to the Forum from the top menu, or from the FAQ menu item in the top menu (the click Forum in the top menu) if you don't see Forum.

Beware The Sand!

Saltown has many sandy plots. If you step in there, you may not be able to move! And every timestep (4 seconds) that you are in the sand, you will be losing 8 Energy. You have a 50% chance of Not Moving when you are in Sand and try to move.

So don't go in the Sand if you're low on Energy! If you hit 0 Energy, you won't be able to move. Let me know and I'll reset your Energy.

metarobots Saltown

Those light tan plots on the right are Sand.

Mutants In Outer Eden!

Actually just one Mutant. He wants to drain your Energy but he hasn't learned how to do that yet. But we can practice draining HIS Energy. Click Him, Select him for Attack, Attack him. It's a Melee attack so get next to him. He'll be moving though, so chase him! You'll get rewarded from draining his Energy to Zero. But he will recharge after a bit, and you can have a go at him again if you want!

metarobots Mutant
                      ^---- That is the Mutant, down there in the lower left plot.

Play Our Battle Cards Game

It's similar to Splinterlands. You'll start with 5 starter cards. You can buy packs of 5 cards for 10 VOLTs. It's easy to get some VOLTs. Combine cards to make better cards. Play the Battle Cards Game. Click EdMerc in Eden.

I bought some packs and combined some cards to level them up. You can't own more than 30 Cards so make the most of whatever you get.

metarobots Battle Cards

There is more info on the Battle Cards and other things in the FAQ.

Please Reply If You Want To Visit Our MetaRobots Metaverse

Reply if you want in.

These people are invited to our Closed Alpha now. More may be invited later. If interested, please Follow MetaRobots here on Hive.

@typebox @reeta0119 @chinito @bhoa @alokkumar121 @shohana1 @cryptothesis

If I don't see a reply in 2 weeks, I'll assume you're not interested which is perfectly fine. I still love and respect you!

Questions? Ask here. Or ask in our Forum if you have an account.

Have a nice day!


😁 oh cool! yes, I will gladly join.. add me on discord


Awesome, I'll go find you on Discord. Hope to see you in MetaRobots soon! :)

I want to login so please help me with the password. I want to check and explore this.

OK great! We're following each other on Twitter so I will Direct Message you there.

This is great I appreciate but I don’t know how to contribute. Metaverse sounds great!

There's nothing really to contribute. You can just go in and move around and see if you have any interest in it. As I mentioned, its all free, nothing to buy. And it's a website so nothing to download or install. Just Log in and look around if you want. :)

Think about it and let me know. Any more questions, please ask :)

Give me access, we are friends in discord ❤️💖💝

Yes we are! I'll message you there. ❤️💖💝

It's a new thing for me but I would like to check out. Please guide me further. Thanks

OK great! We've talked on Twitter before so I will Direct Message you there.

Sounds great.

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Yay! 🤗
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