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In our last post we talked about partnering with the #PEPE community to bring them a card game similar to #splinterlands. We have had this card game on our site for over 2 years now, with over 8000 battles played. Now we have a frog version which is similar in many ways to our Battle Card Game, but with some parameter changes to make it unique. Here is a description of the Frog Battle Game that we are currently testing inside our MetaRobots metaverse. Watch a video of a Battle, below. The Frog Battle game will soon have it's own website and the Battle parameters may be different there.

Card Packs

One thing different is how packs are generated. In our game, packs are generated when bought. We have 5 cards per pack and there are fixed probabilities of getting the 4 rarities - Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary - which are ordered here from most common to most rare. You could get a pack with 5 commons, but you could also get a pack with no commons, although that would be a very rare occurrence!

In the frog version, there are 3 cards per pack. All the packs were pre-generated at the same time. They have the same rarities and a similar probability distribution. But in each pack you are guaranteed to have one card which is Rare or Epic Or Legendary, while the other 2 cards will be Common.

Card Types

Both sets of cards have the same types - Melee, Range, and Magic.

Melee's color is red, Range is green, Magic is blue. Melee can Only attack when it is in the first position. Range can Only attack when it is NOT in the first position. Magic can attack from anywhere. Attacks from Melee and Range reduce Armor first, and no health is reduced until Armor is at Zero. Magic attacks do not affect Armor and reduce only Health regardless of what the Armor is.

Card Stats

Each card has a set of stats.

Health is the life of the card and if in battle it gets reduced to Zero then the card is defeated and is removed from the battlefield. Health decreases when a card is attacked. Cards can only be attacked in the First position.

Armor shields against Melee and Range attacks and is reduced before Health is affected, until/unless it goes to Zero. Magic bypasses Armor as mentioned above.

Speed determines the order of card attacks and also determines if an attack may fail. Cards attack one at a time, in order from higher Speed to lower Speed. Cards with the same Speed are selected at random to be the next attacker. Cards attacking a defender card of the same or less Speed have a chance to fail which increases as the difference between the attacking and defending cards' Speed increases.

Attack is the amount of damage that will be done on the attacked card's Armor and/or Health upon a successful attack. As stated above, Melee and Range attacks lower Armor first. But if the strength of their attack exceeds the Armor of the defender then the rest of their attack reduces Health next.

Battle Prep

When you click a Merc NPC (Non Player Character) occupying a lot in a World, in this case the FrogMerc, the Info Box gives you some choices. You can select "PLAY Frog Battle Cards Game" to begin the game. Next you will pay the entry fee, if there is one. The fee is in VOLTs which are pegged to 1/1000 of an HBD, so each is valued at 0.001 HBD.

Next you select a Battle Level. There are usually 6 but for the Frog game which is brand new, we only have a few levels. The higher levels are harder but give better rewards of VOLTs and XP (experience points).

Next you will select your 3 cards. The first card you select will be in the First position. This is the card that all the other team's cards will be attacking, so pick one with a lot of Health! Second picked card is in second position, third is third.

Finally, click Battle and watch as the cards battle each other. Your cards will be on the right with a green background. Your first card will be the innermost of your three cards, shown on the board in the area where the green has most faded to white. The Merc NPC's cards will be on the left with the red background, with their first card facing your first card in the area where the red has most faded to white.

The card with the highest Speed will attack the other team's defender card first. It will light up its background from grey to White. The defender's background will change to a dull version of the color of the attack. As stated above, Melee is red, range green, magic blue. Each round, each card that can attack will attack the other team's defender. Rounds continue until one team has no cards left, and has lost the battle. If you are the winner then you will get some XP and some VOLTs!

There is nothing else you can do to influence the outcome once you select your cards and start the Battle. Just watch and see how the battle goes. If you select the same battle level in the future, the Merc NPC will use the same cards, so notice what he uses and figure out what you may have to improve in your cards and strategy to defeat him if you lost this battle.

Let's See The Battle!


Would You Like To Play?

This game is being played right now on MetaRobots. MetaRobots is an invite only website where a limited number (about a dozen) of people are testing things out. We may invite a few more people. Follow us here if interested, as that is where we invite people from - our list of Followers on Hive.

The Frog Battle Game will be getting it's own website soon. There may be a restricted test phase there as well. But the current plan is to open it to anyone with a Hive account.

Stay tuned for more MetaRobots and Frog Battle news!


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RIBBIT! :) Awesomeness!

Let me try to play this game. I would like to experience the metarobots.

Thanks for your interest! The PEPE Game is coming soon and should be available for everyone after testing by our team of testers.