We Partnered With The PEPE Community To Make a Battle Card Game For Them

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For a few years now, we have a Battle Card Game in MetaRobots which is similar to a simpler, easier to play #splinterlands kind of game. Now we're building a version of this game for the #PEPE community.

What We Have So Far

Pre-Alpha Card Packs are for sale. Each pack has 3 cards. 2 are Common and the third is Rare, Epic or Legendary. The price is 400 VOLTs but we're doing a half price sale for a week. So it is 200 VOLTs per pack. You can own a max of 10 packs this week. The pre-Alpha edition will only have 200 Packs.

VOLTs are the in-game currency and you can swap back and forth between HBD and VOLTs at the rate of 1000 VOLTs per HBD.

You can buy packs. You can show your unopened packs.

When you buy packs, you can see them and the edition / serial number for each pack.

Click Show Your Frog Battle Card Packs and you will see your unopened packs.

The GMs (Game Managers) can OPEN packs and see what they got. Coming for everyone else in a few days.

An Opened Pack with its 3 cards shown.

Coming Soon - Roadmap (edited to show things DONE)

Open Your Packs. [DONE]

See all your cards. [DONE]

Level UP your cards. [DONE]

Sell/Buy Unopened Packs.

Sell/Buy Cards.

Play 6 Levels of the Battle Card Game against the FrogMerc NPC. [Partly DONE]

Play using Gems on your cards.

Play using Gems while the NPC also uses Gems.

Spin off the Frog Battle Game to its own website.

Open up to the Frog Battle Game website to others in cooperation with #PEPE team. Parameters can be fine tuned both at MetaRobots and then again at the new website as we try to find ideal balancing.


Ask here.

I may also edit this post or add more info in the comments as i think of things to mention, or new things develop.

Have a nice day, and may many many of your Battles end in a Win for You!


Stuff is happening!

Where do I go to buy them?

The packs will be available on a website wen tings are ready. Or maybe sell you one as an NFT that represents one of mine as a collectible. Tings are being built and tested as we prep fer da greater release through a website to everyone. !BBH

@lemonp8ste! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @pepetoken. (8/50)

Looks dope. Waiting for this :)

Feels good man. :) !BBH

@logen9f! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @pepetoken. (9/50)



Getting ready to Battle!

Look on the Left. See the 3 NPC Frog cards on the Red background?
Those are the 3 Frog Cards you will be battling in a Level 1 Battle. Prepare accordingly!

Level 1 Frog Battle

The FIRST EVER FROG BATTLE has been waged! I am happy to report that I WON!!!

FIRST Frog Battle Level 1 EVER!

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