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Hi, everyone am back with another interesting and futuristic post, this post might not be as long as you may expect but trust me it's very innovative and interesting,
Recently a friend of mine @eil7304 introduce me to a new game on hive which is called "dcrops", at first I thought it's his pranks on getting me busy trying to find out if it's true or not until he send me his referral link to join the game, and believe me this is a game everyone needs to join,

ABOUT dcrops
dcrops is a game is a game built on hive blockchain, where you act as a farmer from acquiring a land and buying seeds to plant and take care of them even nursing and nourishing them till they are ready for harvest and then selling them to earn, doesn't.
Just like in the real life dcrops has four farming seasons which are spring, summer, fall and winter. Each of the seasons in this game last for 15days which ofcourse comes with a reward pool called crop tokens. And in this game there is something called "card", it's of different types land, item, deeds etc...

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Alright I guess is becoming more interesting than you thought right?, Okay let me save you the stress of being curious, yo can read and learn how to play this game here.
You can aswell join the community and follow @dcrops to read and understand here some previous posts, I believe this game will be a fun one so I urge everyone to check it out. thanks y'all.