Progress on biomes for player created levels in our competitive multiplayer platformer!

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I have some progress to show on the game called Jumpaï that I rapidly presented the other time in this post.

I'm working on this game with a friend and I wanted to show some progress we made. I'm not actually the one that made the biomes (it's my friend), but the stuff I work on is less exciting so I prefer to show this.


The plains biome merging with the snow biome.

The desert biome


Preview of the biome brush!


Ooo the biome brush is really interesting! Having a circle brush with a square selection might throw someone off a little though!

9/10 keep it up

great editor you have working here. i absolutely loved watching your gameplay from your other post. this is interesting because i'm working on a 2d platformer myself. can't wait to see more as you progress!

Omg is this going to be like Terraria