Something Dungeons: Some (minor) Updates

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Hi! Just want to share with you the progress that I am making on my very first game.

The idea behind the game can be put as: Dungeon crawler with funny narrator.
Don't expect too much but I'm actually quite proud of what I was able to pull of so far.



There is one new type of enemy. Basically it's the same as the zombie. Just more health, more xp for you and well... looks and sounds like a spider.

Improved character collision shape

A very small change in the code with big impact, as I realized. Several people complained about the doors being too narrow. I never experienced that during development but that might be because I'm just used to it. They even said that they get "stuck". So just reducing the size of the character's collision shape, to a still reasonable size, resolved this issue. :)

Improved sound effects

There are now sounds for actually hitting an enemy (in contrast to just hitting in the air), for the punch as well as for the sword. It simply sounds more juicy now. But you'll have to try it out yourself, since I don't know how to easily add sound files to this post.

There are also sounds for being hit by enemies and dying, as well as running and walking. The latter is still not really good but good enough for now.

Low health

The feedback I got so far included, that it is not very noticeable when you got hit. I changed that by adding some effects. Of course the death/hit sounds mentioned above also contribute to this. More than the visual effects actually.
I also added a hearth beat when health is low.

Leveling is more fun now!

The best part is definitely the new animation/sounds for leveling and skilling. I guess this is worth a video. Wait a sec....

I will try to post updates as often as possible. If you like what you are seeing, you can play the game for free here:

If you are on please follow me and rate the game.
Thanks! :)


Are you planning to integrate it with steem?:)

Thanks for that question. I forgot to mention that in the post. I am definitely planing to use it to store some data and, if people support me and I have the opportunity, NFTs for unique items and so on are one possibility. But the game needs to have a lot more content first and it needs to make sense. I will not implement Steem functions just for the sake of having them.

Awesome! pvp mode?:)

Even that came to my mind already BUT I can't promise anything. Would be really awesome though, indeed. :D

Honestly mkt it looks solid , enter to the gungeon or Isaac level if you managed to get in Steam I would definetely try it

Thank you! Steam will be an option once it gets closer to a full game and once I earned the $100 it costs to put a game on Steam. :P

That looks great, I am many steps behind as a game developer but looking forward to make that kind of game. Did you do the pixel art yourself? What about sound effects?

Hey! Thanks!
No, i didn't make it myself. Here are the assets I used:
My financial situation forces me to go grab all the free stuff I can find.
The ambient music is "Downfall by Kai Engel"

All the sound effects are either completely custom made or based on something I took from The narrator is of course... me, pitched down by 10 %.

Awesome, thanks for answering, there are so many free great assets!

do you use discord? cuz i'd love to talk to you. just a little friendly voice chat :) cuz i think your game is super interesting. pls lemme know if you're up for it. my discord id is roundbeargames#8739

Sure! I'm glad to hear that you like it. I'm busy right now but I'll contact you on discord.

Ok, can't add you. You block everything. :P mkt#8655

lol you don't allow dms either! but i just sent you a friend request. waiting for accept.
you can also reach me here on my discord server.