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With Yorion banned in Modern, what decks benefit from it & vice versa from it.
4/5C Omnath decks will no longer incentivize you in playing more than 60 cards as you don't have ways into digging deep into the deck without the additional Yorion ETB effect of drawing additional cards off of Abundant Growth or Omnath, Locus of Creation on top of having a threat late in the game when you can close out.
A lot of the decks that preyed on 4/5C Omnath decks also lost its best matchup as the deck will mostly disappears from the Modern Meta.
The decks that had a poor matchup against it will gain a lot such as UR Murktide, Hammertime, Yawgmoth, Crashing Footfalls deck, etc.
The biggest winner from some may say would be Azorius [WU] control as that deck could outgrind most decks but against 4/5C Omnath you had to be wary about Yorion as it was an extra threat that you had to deal with. It would still however lose to Creativity as that deck can produce a threat with Dwarven Mines to either beat down the control deck or turn the 1/1 creature or artifact into Archon of Cruelty as that card would dodge Prismatic Ending. Even if Archon of Cruelty get snagged by Leyline Binding, you are already getting its ETB value off of its own effect. Another thing about Creativity is that it is also a 5C deck that has its own Teferi, Time Raveler & Leyline Binding to fight off opposing Binding & Teferi. You couldn't exactly use Blood Moon effects against Creativity as it can still cast its namesake card Indomitable Creativity on top of having Fable of the Mirror-Breaker as an additional threat as well as making treasure to cast cards through Blood Moon. It also dodge most hate cards as Grafdigger's Cage doesn't stop it from entering the battlefield.
What modern deck is everyone building now that Yorion is no longer in the format?