My Music in a new Hive Game - NEON STRIKE (Token Presale)

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Hello everybody! 😊

How are you doing?

I am good. Wednesday is normally my favourite day, because I have time to work on my own projects. 😃 I did some graphics stuff this morning and worked for my game, and soon I will make some music. 🎵

But before I wanted to make a post.

I told you a few weeks ago, that my music will get into another Hive game called NEON STRIKE.

I am very excited about this because it´s great to see how far my music and my name spreads on this blockchain already! 🎉🖤😊 And I also think, that my music fits perfectly to the theme and atmosphere of the game.

The game is not released yet, but I am very much looking forward to playing it because I love Cyberpunk! 🤖

And because I will also become a legendary NFT card in this game! 🎉🖤

This is great news for me! The design is already done and I love it. But I will not reveal this yet. Because we will be having a little contest about this card soon. And then you will see the design. 😊

It´s great that this is the third Hive game now, where I will be a collectible card!

Hope you guys are able to collect some versions of me. 😄

2 days ago the presale of the "NEON" Token started!


With these tokens, you can buy NFT boxes when the game starts (which will be in march).

- This is limited to 3000 tokens per Hive account
- 1 token costs 0,003$
- That means if you buy the maximum amount it will cost you 9$
- These are payable in Hive/HBD or Swap.Hive/Swap.HBD.

You can transfer the money directly to the Hive account neonstrike and the tokens will be transferred back to you then.

You can read everything about it this post.


If you are into hive games, you should think about investing in this one too. What I have seen so far looks great, especially according to the graphics! That´s why I wanted to have their graphics designer in my game team. 😋 Which luckily worked out. 🎉

This game is being created by a new game studio called "Midnight Studio". And every single member on their team has been incredibly friendly to me so far. So I really appreciate them and want to help them get started with making a little post about them.

You can also join their Discord Server here.

Currently they are also running a lore contest which ends tomorrow. Maybe you want to send in a little last minute entry. 😊

Well guys, I can´t wait until this game will start and I can tell you more about it.
I hope you have a great day and I will come back soon with more updates! 😊🖤


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I am very thankful for everyone who supports me on my journey!!

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Congratulations, you should be very proud :)

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Thank you! =) Yes it´s great that my music spreads so far in the Hive universe already! :D

Happy Wednesday and congratulations for making another important mark. Sky is the limit and you are writing your name with gold in this musical journey. I am happy that your music made ways in another hive Game Neon Strike . 🎵 🎶

Your efforts are always appreciated raven

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Awesome sauce! Great job on getting your music in a Hive game!

Very good post, I'm glad you decided to present their songs for the game. 😄

Music game will be more simpler and fun
I’m in love with this game already, lol
Thank you for sharing

I hadn't heard of this game but I know it has good music. I will investigate it to see if I dare to participate.

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Excellent post, good luck in your project


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