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Streaming the second part of our blind playthrough of Days Gone on PS4 live on Twitch starting right now. After some five odd hours of gameplay we have managed to wipe out a number of freaker nests, discover some NERO outposts and slaughter a few raider camps. The gameplay loop is tight and so far this game is balancing the intensity of the open world areas of Metro Exodus and the fun gameplay of games like Far Cry. I love that I don't feel obliged to scavenge every single piece of scrap I see which really helps to keep the action moving forward. I do wish the crossbow wasn't so weak and the aiming seems pretty bad with the headshot box being too small. If the only thing I see is someones head poking over a box and I shoot them, they should be fucking dead but just like the Uncharted series they don't always register as a headshot. It's frustrating to say the least but overall I am still excited to see what comes next! Watch, Follow and join the conversation at

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So I'm just in around 10 hours to this game and haven't gotten to the second part of the map. I only recently uncovered all of the first area and cleared out all the infection zones and bandit camps thus far. There's probably only a few main quests left in this area before I move on to the next zone. So far so good. The game is still fun and I'm still really enjoying it. I spent all my upgrade points on the ranged weapons skills so far so shooting is less frustrating. Most of the time I use melee and stealth so that will be the next tree I upgrade but the melee is pretty solid right from the get go thus why I decided to upgrade the guns first. I'll probably hammer out a few more hours tomorrow and hopefully get into the next area. I've got my suspicions about this story and where it might lead but only time will tell. I think the Umbrella Corporation or some like minded entity is behind this infection. I think Deacons ex girlfriend was involved with that company. I also think she may be alive somewhere, that or she was working directly on the cause of the outbreak but again we'll have to wait and see.

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