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Streaming the third part of our blind playthrough of Days Gone on PS4 live on Twitch starting right now. Roughly 10 hours into the game we have pretty much cleared all of the Infestation zones in the opening area, gained trust with two friendly survivor camps and murdered just about as many bandits as we have freakers. Focusing all of the skill points so far into the shooting side of the game has paid off as guns feel far more versatile at this point. Melee started off strong and will carry us through most of the fights already but soon we'll beef that skill tree up and smash more faces in! I figure it won't be long until I branch out into the next portion of the map and I'm definitely intrigued with what exactly Deacons ex wife had to do with the research company she mentioned. My moneys on she helped cause the outbreak. I wouldn't even be that surprised if shes still alive and searching for a cure or some shit. It all smells very Umbrella Corporation to me! Watch, Follow and join the conversation at

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So after roughly 14 hours into the game I've finally reached the second area of the map which looks about as large as the first. Also looks like there's another piece of the map further south which suggests I've at most only uncovered 1/3rd of the area of this map. That's a pretty big map.

Lots of back and forth fast travelling today for little minor quests. Wish the camp leaders would give me the quests right away and not wait until I leave camp forcing an extra trip there and back each time. Dealt with a couple more raider camps a ripper hideout and stumbled across my first sleeping horde which I undoubtedly woke up like an asshat and got destroyed. Oh well I gave it a few tries and killed my first horde while being pretty severely undergeared.

The new area is a big lake area with a bunch of snowy mountains around so it's a nice change of scenery. My suspicion that Deacons wife might still be alive hasn't been confirmed but the door has been left open. Turns out the gravestone was ceremonial and he never found her body. Can't wait to see what this game throws out next. Critics definitely suck these days, this game is pretty damn good. At least an 8 or 8.5!

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