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Streaming the next part of our blind playthrough of Far Cry New Dawn on PS4 live on twitch starting right now. With only two main missions left it's time to put on our big boy pants and take on these awful twins. Like seriously what kind of animals give a kid a live grenade as a terror tactic! Fuck these two I can't wait to end them! Watch, Follow and join the conversation at

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Game is finished. God were the last 2 missions ever horrible. Bullet sponge boss battles. So annoying. Would have been a lot easier had I levelled up my health pool and weapons more but regardless I got the job done. Almost gave up on the final battle but gave it one last shot before going out to scavenge for more upgrades. Thank god I was able to kite that big asshole around long enough to take him out! Sadly though I barely even knew his character so it didn't have the satisfying end that offing the two twins did. Oh well c'est la vie.