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So I'm just over 5 hours into Days Gone and I'm not even close to being bored. The gameplay is tight and the repetitive game loop is still fun. The only gripe I have is with hit detection and aiming. It feels like the earlier Uncharted games where if you don't score a head shot all these clowns can take a dozen rounds to the neck and chest. That and the aim is funky. Sometimes all I see is a head poking up over a box and when i shoot the fucking guy they keel over a bit but get right back up... it seems like the headshot bounding box is smaller than all fuck. And worst of all the crossbow which I thought would be boss, instead shoots like a limp noodle. I was expecting tomb raider bow and arrow style shots but its weak as fuck in this game. Maybe I need upgrades or something. But overall these are minor gripes in a so far fantastic game. There's plenty more game left so maybe by the end I'll grow tired of it. But I sure hope not!