Now is a great time to join Prospectors (And get Monsters cards for signing up through my link)

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For those of us who are interested in blockchain gaming, there's something new-ish on the scene: Prospectors is a gold-mining-themed building game on EOS, and more importantly it's the first free-to-play blockchain game that has struck me as particularly appealing.

It's also the first free-to-play blockchain game where F2P players have value to an affiliate, so I'm going to give away some Splinterlands cards to people who sign up through my link. More details at the end of this post.


How to play:

You'll need an EOS account to play Prospectors, and either a wallet that supports web transactions or a willingness to sign into to the game with your active key. I've found Scatter logins to be unreliable, and I don't generally keep assets in the Otterworks account, so I've been signing in. It would be nice if they improved Scatter support, though. It ties Google or Facebook logins to your EOS account, so those who are hyper-aware of KYC issues may want to stay away.

If you have those accounts, you can just go to to sign up.


Starting out:

With your game account you get three minions who can be ordered to do tasks for you. At the beginning you have no tools or land, so you're limited to either harvesting materials by hand on unrented property or doing delivery jobs for more-established players. You can earn game gold either way, by being paid for jobs or by selling the resources you've gathered. You can then use that gold to buy tools, buy resources to make tools, rent land for your exclusive use to mine and build on, or just cash out into their token, which can be trade for EOS at NewDEX.

Transporting jobs are always available if kind of boring, but personally I like collecting coffee beans from public land. People are willing to buy them for quite a lot of gold.


Time investment:

So far Prospectors is one of the idlest of idle games I've ever played. At the beginning your minions can work for an hour at a time, but you quickly get the option to buy an upgrade that allows them to work five hours on command. Setting them to do things takes only a minute or two each time, so once you have that upgrade the amount of attention needed is extremely minimal; I've found myself forgetting I have the game up periodically.

Just hand-harvesting coffee beans, one of those five-hour sessions for all three workers is currently worth about 1/20 EOS, which isn't too bad for a minute or two of work. It gives you plenty of time to look around and consider whether to continue further in the game. You won't get rich doing things this way, but it's definitely worth a shot on getting in at the beginning of a game that might develop into something. Prospectors' initial release isn't until this fall sometime.

OK but I want Monsters

Right, I'll get to the Monsters. Sign up through my link and I'll send you two Regular Rare Reward cards of your choice. Just leave a comment here with the name of the EOS account you signed up with and which cards you want. (While supplies last, though season rewards are coming in four days so I'll have a lot.) No spending is required, but please at least try out the game.

Pick two of Hobgoblin, Mushroom Seer, Flame Imp, Pirate Archer, Naga Fire Wizard, Skeletal Warrior, Crystal Werewolf, Javelin Thrower, or Prismatic Energy.


Lusterdoom55 signed up with your link(straight from ottermaker’s discord, so hopefully it’s the same link).

Confirmed. And I've even made a gold from you already.

Deal, if you explain me how I can have a legit eos wallet as I tried and failed, remember my username on discord is @itharagaian and I am on linux ubuntu.
If you can make it, then I will sign on your link, promised ( i do not open any links of that game in the meanwhile to be sure not to ruin your referal link)

I have no idea how to make a first EOS account, as I had mine before the migration from ETH. When I wanted to make one for Otterworks I just paid for it out of my initial one. I can do the same for you if you want for 3 USD, but there may be a reasonable free option out there I don't know about. (You would end up with about 1/4 of that staked on the account.)


Ok I now see why, i never could install eth either, probably same kind of issue, sorry then won't be able to do that for now. Thank you for the reply

If you download EOS Knights, they’ll create you a free account(so long as you have a Facebook account). You get all your keys and everything so you can change it if you don’t trust them.

cool, feel free to send me the link to those knights

If successfull I would opt for the pirate archer ;)

I cant log in using wombat on phone 😭

Okay... it took me almost 90 minutes, but I finally got in...(simplymike13)
Not a really good start... :0/

@moon32walker. I installed Lynx wallet on my mobile, created a new EOS account (which is soooo easy in Lynx, compared to Scatter), then used the private key to log into the game

At least the affiliate tracking worked. :)

Greetings, grand @tcpolymath

Brings this game to steem blockchain, please!!!!

thnk you and have a nice day

This is a comment I'm making in order to make a comment.

EOS has a real problem with applications that only use certain wallets. I'm using Nova wallet and it's not supported for this game, to play Prospectors I need to find another wallet(for example Wombat). There can still be more apps that don't support Nova or Wombat, it's pretty horrible actually the system they have. I don't know do I have the will to go through the hustle. But cool game still.

Scatter works with everything I see.

Yeah, there are definitely some kinks to work out over there. I had to get Scatter and then it doesn't work reliably on the game for me anyway.

Just tried Wombat on my phone... wouldn't work :0(
On my desktop, it keeps asking for Scatter...

Just wasted almost an hour of my life trying to get into the game. No luck.

how do you find public land seems everything is rented out...

Hey @flipstar, Ive been playing since the beginning. They plan on expanding the map in the next few weeks. There will be a new "gold rush" to claim all the best land. The only land left now has very little resources left and not worth the rent. Join now, save bit of PGL(in game crypto) and get ready for gold rush part 2!!

About half of the land is still unrented, but you have to go a ways from the center to find it. There's a little tornado icon on the top left of the map screen that lets you filter for rented/unrented, though the highlighting is not very visible.

This looks pretty good, although I have managed to avoid EOS so far and I don't know if I really want to sign up for it now just to give a game a try. Great information though.

It's a great game @c0ff33a,ive been playing from the beginning. If you need any help let me know.

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