Promote Hive | 5,000 HBD Prize Pool!

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Leo's Marketing Campaign to double the amount of content creators and content consumers has begun!

We support the idea of allocating rewards for Hivers who focus their efforts into bringing more people and traffic into our Ecosystem.

5,000 HBD Prize Pool

The Game is called Outreach.

The Goal for September is to bring in to Hive 450 new users, make them stick around, and become an active and long term member of our community. For that, we need to onboard thousands of users and work in Hive's retention ratio.

For that, we need to go out, market and promote Hive. Our Marketing campaign will showcase our interface, and will leverage our account creation protocol that allows new users to use their Twitter and Google account to get a Hive account.

We created a Hive community on Zealy to rally the existing Hive community members so that instead of doing all this marketing by ourselves, we do it together as a community to enhance our marketing and outreach efforts.

Zealy gamifies engagement and rewards the efforts of community members through missions or tasks. It's simple, easy and it works.

Do you want to help us promote Hive and compete for the 5,000 HBD Prize Pool?

Join Hive's Zealy Community

The mission is simple: Complete tasks that involve bringing in more users to Hive from web2, and rally more Hive community members to help us in this enormous quest to double the content creators and consumers user base.

The Prize Pool is made of 5,000 HBD and it will be spread among all the Hivers who help us bring in the masses to Hive!

This Campaign begins NOW, you can already go to the Zealy Community and start claiming Quests (missions).

There are 5 pages

No matter if you are on #Hive because of games such as #Splinterlands or simply create content in writing, video, music - we should all work towards growing the userbase - key is the community working together, check that out guys @steevc @bechibenner @ylich

Danke für die Erwähnung

I find the idea good I myself have recently tried to create a bridge to Hive from FB in which I have founded a group on Facebook to simplify the onboarding of FB users. But because I have overestimated me a little, this project is not yet properly started and the group is unfortunately not larger but there it is!
Am also for the more community on Hive work together to create so new projects for onboarding.
I hope a lot of good ideas come around.
Have a look at this @kvinna, @uwelang, @blue.rabbit.

Vielen Dank für den Hinweis, ich schaue sobald ich Zeit dafür finde und dann lass uns gerne darüber reden. 😉


Gerne doch!.

Hey @bechibenner, here is a little bit of BEER from @kvinna for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

If you have the time, do check this out.
@blezyn @adetorrent @dmilliz

The problem is account was around last month or before...I was trying to create an account for a new user and everytime the page didn't let us to move forward....ultimately the guy laughed at me and on hive

I stumbled across a similar issue when trying to onboard a friend 🙈

I can help u with account creation. U know how to reach me.

Also, there is always an option to pay 3 hive and make an account instantly. I wonder why u failed to make an account. Hive technology didn't failed as anyone with 5k hp can claim approx 1 account creation token per week (u can save up any amount of token for future use, I have more than 57+). It's lack of awareness or knowledge.

So nice of you. I am awre of the different way of account creation. The problem that I wanted to highlight is the Leo page where the page did not allow to move ahead for creation....and that needs to be corrected in order to get more people onboard

"Ultimately the guy laughed at me and hive"

I thought u still can't figure out how to create accounts directly with account creation tokens without depending on any service.

Ya these services give errors a lot of times. I now prefer just using account creation tokens for smooth account creation.

Let's onboard more users
@moremoney28 , @princessbusayo , @burlarj , come and check out this post

I'm down to help recruit! Let's add each other and start a chain of support!

ohh yeah, it’s time to get them in here and I believe we can do it collectively, @vickoly @burlarj @prayzz check this out…

@eddwood, @beeber und @der-prophet
Vielleicht wollt ihr auch etwas von den 5.000 HBD abbekommen?

Hm, wenn ich neue Hive User generieren könnte, hätte ich das schon gemacht. Aber irgendwie will keiner wirklich bloggen. !BEER

Erst mal muss man hier noch gar keine neuen Hiveuser werben um teilzunehmen. Man muss nur einen Hiveuser werben nach paar anderen Aktionen, der auch dann dort teilnimmt.
Bin gespannt wieviel HBD dann bei rum kommen.

Hey @mein-senf-dazu, here is a little bit of BEER from @eddwood for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Una nueva campaña de promoción en Leo, no se la pueden perder!!! @lileisabel, @chacald.dcymt, @yanerkidiaz

Enséñame a hacerlo

Ok, te explico al PV 😉

I only see possibilities. This is going to be fun! The fact that all the communities of hive are encouraged to participate in it is just perfect.

@starstrings01 @dreemport @burlarj come check this out.

Thanks for the mention dear

You're welcome Dada 🥰
The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people ( alokkumar121 ) sharing the post on LeoThreads,LikeTu,dBuzz.

Just joined the Zealy Campaign! ...Hope to help a bit in this Hive onboarding goal!!

Tagging @mehmetfix @jimmy.adames and @les90 whom I spoke with yesterday on HIVE.

It's nice you join zealy campaign 🐱

Ahh, I missed this! Hopefully, the motivation I need to come back kicking butt on Hive!

@jimmy.adames, @lisamgentile1961, @maddogmike come join the fun :)

It's time to rise and go up only!!!

With or without zealy I'll give my best to make those use stick to hive and enjoy it like I do!

Let's get more traffic and users onboarding on

@ayeshamalik @kenechukwu97 @jane1289 check this out.

Thanks.. I'll check this for sure..

Welcome, Great!

Brother... I wasn't available for the previous Zealy adventure but this looks like something I will fully vibe with. Haha.

Let's enjoy this adventure

See, there's always another opportunity and this time I want you to join broo!

Gonna be real adventure and fun ahead.

Let's go with everything in this campaign!! @michupa @viniciotricolor @reibar

@lqch @arzkyu97 @mandysmoon check this friends!
Let's promote Hive!


Hey guys, have you seen this @ibbtammy @olujay @cool08.
Join with my link and let's market hive and earn 😋😋😋

Una interesante y atractiva campaña... Te invito a sumarte: @nahueldare3627 @chechostreet @ivanrg3

Great initiative from the team. Will be actively participating in this campaign. Going to be interesting.

@Emreal @jjmusa2004 @marynn
If you have the time you can check this out

@bhattg @pravesh0 @zartisht This is an awesome opportunity to be a part of this campaign and make the most of this opportunity.

It's time to spread the good news of Hive. Let's do this in full energy
@wemah @sirmiraculous and @wallay what are you guys waiting for?

Thanks bro.

The last campaign was a great success. Hopefully this one will be just as good and bring in a lot of new users.
@crookshanks, @blanchy, @saoirseronan

If your interested in getting involved.

Oh... Zealy is here again. I missed out on the previous one, but this right here is going to be a thrilling adventure. Haha.

Hello @amberkashif, @adoore-eu and
@ozd. Check this out.

Thanks for inviting

Thanks, I am already checking it out

Thank you for inviting me, am checking it out right away.

nice project
Let's bring 450 new users who will stay and build with the rest of us!

Increíble espero que mas usuarios se integren a esta gran oportunidad:D
@albiro2050 @manclar @crisch23

no se, no me convence

great news
its been a nightmare trying to onboard people lately
actually got me thinking along the lines of
'we are the early adopters, but, if we cant get people on, we are the ONLY adopters'

Guys it's time for us to show some love to the blockchain while we also have the opportunity to win cool prizes.

@dapomolaaaa @adoore-eu @lara-bee

@cryptoalvirin @bananasfallers @pablodare2 espero se unan a la campaña y al sorteo, el premio puede ser super godo

Great to be a part of this great initiative Im inviting @corporateay, @savagetobi and @flexyg to come check this out.

Come on guys, let's show the power of the hive!

This is so awesome but I can't seem to connect to the quest today. When I put in my thread link at the first quest to prove I'm already on Hive, it says I'm not connected. I've tried a few times. Thank you,

Promoting hive in the web 2.0 will be useful for the whole ecosystem.
I tag some friends who might be interested: @mad-runner @stefano.massari @mikezillo @arc7icwolf

On it! Thanks @libertycrypto27 for tagging

calling my fellow warriors @udezee @bala41288 @sayee @xabi @shrazi to check out this mega Leofinance giveaway campaign! you don't wanna miss it out!

Thanks Mango-Man 😊 I am doing the campaign, you invited...
I listen last night show (X space) and its education.
All thanks to you, brother

wow you are doing amazingly amazing uncle! Just keep going a lot is waiting for you when this ends!

I need you to explain things to me 😅 I am not quick picker...

This is a great idea, I hope @liberius-1, @razzi11 and @marilour will participate. we are counting on you.

Thank you for the invitation 😊🙏🙌✨.

Amigas las invito a leer esta publicación y a participar en este concurso, es una gran oportunidad @mamaemigrante, @doriangel, @leidimarc 😉

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