The Nintendo 64

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Nintendo 64


Hello everyone, today I bring you a console that is of the appreciation of many and will bring you good memories, the Nintendo 64. It was officially the first 64-bit console, in the previous post I talked about the Atari Jaguar, which was launched years before and that claimed to be 64 bits, however, did not have a 64 bit processor, on the contrary, had a parallel architecture of 32 bits; however, the Nintendo 64 was equipped with a 64-bit NEC VR4300 processor that provided true 64-bit processing and was Nintendo's last (tabletop) console to use the cartridges as a means of distributing the games.

The Nintendo 64 had as main competitors the Play Station and the Sega Saturn, being the last to enter the market in 1996, and positioning itself as the second in popularity being dominated the market by the Play Station, its life span lasted until 2002 with the launch of the game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. It was replaced by the Game Cube, the first Nintendo console is to be based only on CD.

On the technical side, the Nintendo 64 was equipped with 64-bit NEC VR4300 CPU and a Silicon Graphics coprocessor for audio and video signals, 4 MB RAM that could be expanded to 8 MB, by means of an accessory called Expansion Pak. The distribution medium was a 64 MB cartridge, however, in Japan it was sold a peripheral that allowed the reproduction of special magnetic discs for the platform, these discs were also 64 MB, the same device allowed telephone connection to download games that could be stored in magnetic disks.

Regarding games include Super Mario 64, GoldenEye 007, noted by many as the best game of Nintendo 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Banjo-Kazooie, Perfect Dark, among others.

Here are some pictures of my Nintendo 64


My Nintendo 64 and its games and accessories


Another of the Nintendo 64


His curious control in the form of a trident


Audio and video cables and voltage regulator


The games I have, as you can see, are only two

Ahora algunas imágenes de los juegos que tengo:


F-1 World Grand Prix


Star Wars Rogue Squadron

At this point I must confess that I have never felt affinity with Nintendo consoles (in the sense of Wii), for no reason in particular, so although they are in my collection, I have not worried about buying accessories or games and that is the case of the Nintendo 64, I only have one control and two games and I buy them to test the console, I have not even played them for more than 5 minutes, one of the aspects that I have always found curious about this console is its control, with its strange form of trident and its tiny joystick (with a tendency to lose rigidity) in the center of it, this curious form provided several ways of grip, appropriate to the needs of the game on duty, although this is not known to many.

Well, that's been all I can tell you about this console, if you liked the post, you know what to do. Thank you for your attention, until next time.

Text and original photographs of @amart29, Barcelona, ​​Venezuela, September 2018



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