Splinterlands FOMO and the Bigger Picture

in #gaming2 years ago

Splinterlands is on an absolute tear as of late. The airdrop of SPS is a welcome sight for a crypto summer that has been lackluster. Play to earn is a trend that is not going away anytime soon. Instead, let’s profit from it.

The Splinterlands team gets it. From card trading to renting of virtual assets they truly get what the market wants. Many projects that I have searched for are nothing more then VC money grabs. Splinterlands has actually built an entire virtual economy for players/investors.

It’s also great to see Splintertalk get some love as of late. This tribe has been through it’s ghost town phase which I’ve seen various tribes encounter. Just goes to show that you should not give up on any of the tribes on Hive. Good things truly take time.

The airdrop of SPS was truly a surprise for me. Although I was aware of it work had kept be unaware of the date. And thanks to all you bloggers who have been updating daily. I’m staking it as I write this post.

So it’s a good start to a Wednesday morning. Looking at the bigger picture the future is very bright for the Hive eco. Let’s just be aware of the longer term picture. Staking and compounding is the name of the game.

Although it is alluring to cash out the true power of all the tribes is to build and stake. Wealth via compound interest is one of the greatest wonders of the world. Selling everything for zero interest fiat would be a bad financial move.

Everyone has their own choice to make. Whatever your financial position just understand we are all trying to build true wealth. Now we can create crypto income streams from the entire ecosystem. Enjoy the airdrop! :)