NFT Auction #002 - Tom Settler Contract Drop [Exode]

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Hive Blockchain Gaming NFT Auction


  • Silent Auction [somewhat silent]
  • Minimum bid of 300 BATTLE
  • Send your BATTLE bid to @battleraffle [Must Include auction # in memo]
  • Participants may send as many bids as you like until auction is ended.
  • Treat any second or third bid is an entirely new bid in terms of the amount you bid. I'm not able to add previous bids to a new bid.
  • Auction will close at a random time on Friday, August 21st.
  • All non-winning bids will be refunded upon completion of auction.
  • Once closed results are posted in a comment below with winner tagged.
  • Opening of the Syndicate contract will be recorded and presented publicly to ensure transparency, and validate the assets received from the contract drop.

It is possible to see incoming bids by viewing the @battleraffle wallet. The nature of a silent auction is that you bid once in secrecy with a competitive bid in hopes that you win. Because we can see peoples bids on chain, I am allowing multiple bids. Bid competitively and strategically, best of luck!

Auction #002

NFT Asset Description: 1 Tom Settler Contract Drop [Exode]

NFT ID: #69fd128734e40b5e79512c92c0565004



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Congrats @cornavirus

Will pop your drop and paste it below shortly.

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