Need For Speed ​​Underground 2: A Racing Classic (Retro Review)

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Greetings, Steemians.
Today I come back with some of my review, but this time I will do a series that for me are the best installments of video games Need For Speed. Since I was little I loved cars and for me this is a way to get to know them even if it's a little bit. My favorites are the Japanese and that's why Need For Speed ​​Underground 2 is my favorite NFS and that's why it's the first game to present in this series. my favorite time is the 90s, in fact, my favorite car is a Japanese of the 90s. Published by Electronic Arts and developed by EA Black Box, made this game a total success, to the point where the vast majority of those He likes video games have played at some point in their lives, even if they do not like car games. Game that by the time that was published had a great quality in graphics and in the gameplay.


Many know this game, so I'll talk a little more about my gaming experience. I've been passionate about Nissan cars since childhood, my favorite since I have memory use is the Skyline GTR R car series, so this seems to me the perfect game, since some of the last cars to unlock and one of the most fast is the Skyline GTR R34, one of the cars of my dreams. It also has other Nissan deliveries, such as the 350Z, a car that I also love and you can get it in the middle of the game. Pretty attractive to me all this, if you want you spend the whole game with only Nissan cars, You start with a Nissan Sentra, when you go for 50% of the game you buy the 350Z and at the end of the Skyline GTR R34. Pretty attractive for the Nissan fan.


Although not only for Nissan fans like me, this game is very complete with cars from the time it was released, it has the great Mazda RX7 and RX8, the Japanese legend is the great Toyota Supra, if you want an American, you have the Ford Mustang or the Focus and much more. For me this game is one of the most complete in cars to my liking. Apart from that, all the cars can be tuned to complete the game with comfort, in the style of the 90s. I really love it, the personalization system of your car is great, quite complete, to the point that you can even put the sound system in your car. A great list of songs quite varied, from songs by Paul van Dyk to quite popular rock songs in the year 2000.


Apart from that, it is a game in which you can put new cars, just by looking a bit on the internet you can find people who have edited the game and have put cars that the game does not bring, from a Ferrari to an American classic. Only with a small program and the file of the downloaded car, install it in the game folder and you already have your new car. So, if you want a new car in the game, just googling a bit.


The game is a free map, so you must drive the map looking for the races. The types of career are the following. Acceleration: a straight line race, executing changes, changes that are somewhat difficult, the one that executes the changes better and has a better car, wins. Skid and X Street: I put them together because they always use the same maps, they are always in a parking lot or in some street X races on a dirt road. Street X consists of a normal race without NOS in a closed circuit and the skate is a race by points of skid in a closed circuit. Circuit: a race on the free map, several laps, which completes the laps of the first victories. Sprint: a race from one point to another in the free world, whoever arrives first wins.


You must also choose a sponsor while you pass the game, this sponsor will give you special races. These races are the most difficult of the game, but they are also the most important, therefore, they are the ones that give more money to buy parts and improve your car. You can also drive freely on the street and you will find other racing cars, cars that with just the press of a key you can compete with them and win the one that takes a great distance to the other opponent. There are also the photos of the magazine, you must go to a point and they ask you to go to the other side of the map in a couple of minutes, if you can not do it, don't shoot the photograph and they don't give you the money.


The minimum requirements for this game are the following:

S/O:Windows® 98/Me/2000/XP (only)
Processor:AMD Athlon XP o Pentium IV 2.2GHz
RAM:512 MB
Graphics:DirectX 9.0c, NVIDIA and ATI; Nvidia FX 5200 and ATI Radeon 9500
DirectX:Versión 9.0c


Sources used:

Meristationthis source was used to get the minimum requirements of the game, the rest is my gaming experience.


I hope you like my content, a big hug and regards.


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omg this game was soooooo good back then. one of the best racing games of its day, rivaled only by games like gran turismo 2. This is one of the games that made the Need for Speed name mean good racing games.

Excellent game without a doubt!

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