Retro Gaming - X-Perts (Sega/Genesis/Mega Drive) ¡Shadow Yamoto!🎮

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Hi to all Steemiant colleagues, today we present this video game called "X-Perts" was developed in 1996 by the famous name companies Deep Water and Abalone, this video game is a spectacular spin-off of Eternal Champions but this time it is starring by Shadow Yamoto who is the main protagonist of this videogame, thanks to its playability X-Perts had great receptivity on the part of its fans and a large audience worldwide.



historia ingless.jpg

X-Perts has a very special history and everything starts in a secret laboratory called AQUA that is hidden in the depths of the sea, in this secret laboratory are extremely powerful weapons and very important military data. Everything went smoothly until one day an evil man enters the base with the aim of stealing the files and military data and thus take control of the city, but it will not be so easy because that is where a military organization comes in. call Janus that is conformed by 3 special agents, your task is to stop the evil ones that you want to steal the files and destroy the laboratory, for it we will have a no fon of skills that will facilitate us the fall of the enemies.



graficos ingles.jpg

X-Perts has graphics that were excellently adapted for this type of video game, all the characters have a good size and with different physical and visual characteristics among them, all scenarios are different and have a different setting for each one of them , the animations of the enemies are great and have a high magician of striking colors that make contrasts with the backgrounds and the plot of this video game.

sonido ingles.jpg

The soundtrack and the FX of X-Perts are not very good if that could be said, but if it complies excellently with the video game plot, all the tracks of the game tell a different story but never leaving the story of the game, each level counts With a different track varying from being rhythmic to being classic and soft, the FX are excellent and have a great variety and clarity ranging from sounds of beats, kicks, voices, screams etc. Below I will leave you a video with all its clues so you can enjoy them.

jugabilidad ingles.jpg

The gameplay of X-Perts is great because it has good size characters, great skills and a totally simple operation, that is: any novice or anyone could manipulate the protagonists without any problems and manipulate their skills without that no obstacle prevents it



The game is conformed by 3 protagonists, but it is led by the ninja Shadow, but the 3 characters have unique and different abilities, that is to say: that the 3 characters have a different form of combat among themselves that will help us defeat the enemies depending on the style that each player likes



During the game we will have an option to change the characters or players in the middle of each objective in order to complete some tasks. Note: in my personal opinion I love this game mode since it is very versatile and in a few words it makes it a little more fun and more addictive, and I know that many think the same way I do



Each level has different electronic units or mechanisms that we will have to deactivate, these mechanisms are: power generators, databases, protective fields, elevators, etc. During the adventure we will have to deactivate each one of them to cleanse the enemy zone more easily



In the game there are 2 types of missions such as: English mission and English secondary mission, the first English missions are mandatory as they go with the plot of the game, the secondary missions are not mandatory to complete them as they are assignments given a limited time to carry out its execution.



resumen ingles.jpg

Without more to say X-Perts is one of the best videogames of Sega since it has characters of good size and with a totally simple gameplay, all the characters have different physical appearances that are very animated and showy, all the scenarios are totally different and have a high range of colors that are very attractive to watch when playing, all accompanied by a magnificent soundtrack that adds flavor and lust to this video game. Below I will leave a link so you can download the game and enjoy it in the comfort of your home with the company of the most loved ones.

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