Retro Gaming - Evil Zone (PSX) ¡The end of the witch Ihadurca!🎮

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Hi to all Steemiant colleagues, today we present this video game called "Evil Zone" was developed in 1999 by the famous companies called Titus Software and Yuke's Future Media Creators, mainly had a development for the PlayStation video game console having a great receptivity on the part of his fans, thanks to that years later he was developed for different videogame consoles also having a lot of success from his fans.



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Evil Zone has a unique story full of mysteries, riddles and action that will make us fall in love, it all starts with a powerful witch called Ihadurca who uses his powers to do evil to everyone who gets in the way, but the brave sorcerer called I-Preseru uses his powers to capture the evil witch and lock her in a mysterious place called Evil Zone, so different fighters will face each other in the Evil Zone dimension with the sole objective of achieving victory and defending their nations.



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The graphics of Evil Zone have a standard aspect if it could be said, the characters have a good size and great skills, the scenarios are extremely colorful and have a high range of surprising colors, that makes the game much more Addictive and entertaining, the characters were elaborated by the company of Tenchi Muyo which took a resounding success in the world of video games. Here I will leave you a demonstration of all the colors of this beautiful video game.

sonido ingles.jpg

The soundtrack of Evil Zone is incredible if it could be said, since it has futuristic metallic pitas that will leave us open-mouthed with the dynamic combination of jazz, electric guitar, pop having a great receptivity on the part of its fans, all the levels have a different track that will make our heart vibrate, and the video game also has digitized FX like: voices, kicks, blows, voices of enemies and many other things that make us fall in love.

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The gameplay of Evil Zone is super special and very typical in the PSX game console since all the characters have an adequate size for this game also have a mechanism and simple control, meaning that anyone or any newbie could play Evil Zone without any problem, since this video game has a game mode and a totally understandable mechanism

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The game tries to fight against different opponents one against one, but always putting into practice the option to "fight, collect and play". We will have to choose between a total of 9 powerful fighters, which have incredible and different abilities for each of them. Note: each player could choose his player depending on his tastes and his abilities

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The players or fighters will try to fight among themselves to choose a winner who can face an evil goddess named Ihadulca who is imprisoned in a mysterious place called Evil Zone. Note: to this evil and powerful we will have to eliminate her with great care always keeping the distance and attacking her at the most precise moment

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The punches and kicks are easy to perform, each character will also fire projectiles automatically by pressing only one key in direction of the opponent, each character also with special moves that we can perform by pressing a single bonton several times, offering us an illusion of a super hit u a super kick accompanied by magnificent movements

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The idea of hand-to-hand combat is super easy, the only objective is to synchronize attacks and blockades to outwit opponents until they are eliminated or defeated. Ultimately Evil Zone has a very important and fun gameplay that offers a lot of movement and fun.

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Without more to say, Evil Zone is one of the best videogames of the company Yuke's Future Media Creators for PSX, since it has good size characters with great abilities and a sensational gameplay, it also has animated backgrounds that have a high range of colors and flashes that are impressive to see when playing, all accompanied by a magnificent soundtrack that has classic and rhythmic sounds at the same time, all depending on the situation in which we find ourselves. It is a 100% recommended video game below I will leave a link so you can download it and enjoy it in the comfort of your home.

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Evil Zone was one of the very first PS1 games I ever bought. I don't think it's worthy of a 9.0, but I also don't think it was worthy of the utter trashing it got in the gaming press of the day.

It was a quirky fighter looking to be different from the likes of Tekken and Soul Blade, and it did so with a roster of bizarre and over-the-top characters the likes of which had never really been seen in a fighting game. It's like playing an anime, as one of my friends put it.

I'm really excited that you liked it so much. Myself, I'd score it about a 6.75. It's above average, but nothing mind-blowing. That said, I can't fault your opinion about the graphics or sound as they really are better than I think people gave them credit for. :)

Great write-up as always, @carlossoublette! And thanks once again for the shout-out in your list of recommended Steemians. :)

Thanks for your comment @modernzorker friend in my personal opinion Evil Zone I frame my infacia and it was really one of the first videogames that caused imprecion in my ... Greetings dear.

the game has a story! It is very interesting.